14 May 2013

HAUL | Boots, Space NK, Debenhams & Asos!

I went for a facial on Sunday at Eldon Square, Newcastle at the Shiseido counter at Boots.  I ended up purchasing the Shiseido White Lucency Refining Softener, 150ml.  I have had hyperpigmentation for a good few years now.  However until recently, I haven't really looked into products to address this concern.  So when I mentioned this, the lovely Shiseido lady suggested this to me.  This is basically a toner, which should fade pigmentation caused by sun/breakouts.  I'll review this once I've used it properly for a few weeks.

Also. I realised that there is a Space NK store at Grainger St. - how did I not know this?!  With this knowledge, I made sure I popped in to the store to buy everything have a look.  I was looking for something with glycolic acid to again, address my hyperpigmentation concern.

The very knowledgeable assistant there, helped me to find something that may be the answer to all my prayers!  I ended up buying the Cane+Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pads.  This has 10% Glycolic Acid in its formulation, and essentially is a chemical exfoliator.  I have been following Caroline Hirons skincare advice religiously since I discovered her blog, and manual exfoliators are a No-No!  I have used this for 7 days now, and will do a full review after I've used it for a month (skin renewal cycle and all that!)

I needed a moisturiser, and again I trolled through Caroline's website and found the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion.  She wouldn't have mentioned it, if it had mineral oil in it, so this was a winner for me.  It's the first time I'm using Aveda's skincare, so will let you know how I feel about it.  Second Debenhams purchase was a MAC lipstick, I just could not resist this any longer! It's the MAC Vegas Volt.  It's a lovely orange coral colour and I've had something like this on my mind for a while!  Very excited to use this!

Lastly, this was definitely a ReallyRee enabled order from Asos!  They had a flash sale over the weekend and I could NOT resist.  I got a couple of dresses which would be perfect for the summer. 

So that's it for the month....I shall try very hard not to purchase anything for the rest of the month! 

Have you indulged recently on any beauty/fashion purchases?

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