14 May 2013

REVIEW | Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream

It has to be said, Clinique is a favourite brand of mine.  I have pretty much used everything they have ever released.  As soon as their Bonus Time offers are on in any department stores, I'm there!  I've used Clinique All About Eyes for a good few months now, this is my second tub of the stuff.

Clinique All About Eyes, 15ml

Clinique All About Eyes, 15ml
It's a light, creamy texture, not too thick.  I tap it around the eye area with the tip of my ring finger (as it has the lightest touch).  It doesn't sit on top of my skin and sinks in well.  As for the claims of reducing circles and puffiness, I am not sure how effective it is as I don't have dark circles.  I do have puffiness if I don't get enough sleep and I think this definitely helps.  I just love how light and absorbing it is! You don't have to sit around waiting for it to sink in before applying your make-up.  I feel it binds with concealer well, so it doesn't accumulate in the creases under your eyes.

I do like this for everyday use, makeup sits on it beautifully and it hydrates the skin around my eye really well.

What is your eye cream of choice?  Have you used Clinique's All About Eyes?

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