23 May 2013

REVIEW | Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

Face masks with natural ingredients, what's not to love?  I really started getting into Lush fresh face masks last year when my skin was behaving badly and I was looking for alternatives.  Due to using various spot creams, my skin had extremely dry patches and makeup looked horrendous sitting on top of the flakiness!

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

What Lush says about Oatifix:

"A mask for dry skin. 
Bananas are a very rich oily fruit – so are perfect for a mask that is trying to get goodness into dry skin. Also in here is illipe butter to moisturise the skin and leave it supple.  
Oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin bind the ingredients and act as a very gentle scrub to lift dead skin away and leave the face looking brighter. A soft fragrance based on vanilla absolute finishes off this nourishing mask."

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

It smells quite sweet and has the texture of porridge basically.  When applying make sure you're standing over a sink, because it IS messy.  It kind of peels of your face as you're applying it.  I would not recommend walking around the house with this on your face, as it will keep falling off your face.  I wasn't happy with this aspect.

Now for the efficacy of the product, I applied it on cleansed skin and left it on for 15-20 minutes and rinsed off with tepid water.  My skin felt really soft after washing my face, no tightness whatsoever!  I do think it reduced the flakiness of my dry patches, so it is effective.  However due to the messiness of application, I have been put off repurchasing unfortunately.  

I loved the results, and I do think if you have dry skin it would be good.  So a 'mid' thumbs up from me ;-)

Have you tried Oatifix?  Is there any better way of application to avoid the messiness?

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  1. Lush is very good for my skin.but I have never tried this one before.i want to try it next......x


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