30 June 2013

Tried & Tested | REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask

This was in my LookFantastic haul a few weeks back.  I have used it for roughly four weeks now.  It's a creamy clay formula and has a subtle fragrance.  I applied a thin layer with my fingers on cleansed skin.  I don't like applying it really thick because then masks take forever to dry!  I waited around for 40 minutes, it did dry before that.  Then I with a wet flannel, I wiped the mask off.

Initial thoughts - my skin looked a little brighter. 

Closer inspection - pores around my nose appeared cleaner.  Although I don't have full-on blackhead problems, I still get clogged pores around my nose.  It seemed to address this issue.

As clay masks go, this is a good one.  REN is a trusted skincare brand in my book, and I trust the ingredients in it.  I haven't had adverse reactions and definitely the last few weeks, my skin has been calm (which is unnatural for my skin!).  So credit where credit is due! Bravo REN!

Have you used REN detox mask or any other REN products?

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