27 August 2013

Skincare | Soap and Glory Wish Upon A Jar Wonder Face Cream

I have been following Miss Budget Beauty's blog and YouTube channel for nearly a year now.  And within that time, I've seen numerous videos and posts where she has raved and raved about this face cream.  Being the skincare obsessive that I am, I had to know if it was really that great.
Soap & Glory Wish Upon A Jar Wonder Face Cream, 50ml
(image source: cakedinmakeup.wordpress.com)

I should mention, this isn't a straightforward face cream.  You need to use it twice a day (am, pm) for 21 days and then use another moisturiser.  So I suppose you could class it an anti-aging treatment almost.

Soap & Glory Wish Upon A Jar Wonder Face Cream, 50ml 
I have given it a fair go.  My first issue with this cream was the texture and consistency. It is really thick and felt greasy on my skin.  I found that it didn't really sink into skin, instead just sat on top making my skin feel like it couldn't breathe.  This was NOT a good base for makeup either, my makeup was literally sliding off my face after a couple of hours.  

The scent is reminiscent of chocolate orange, but I found that to be quite overwhelming. 

Lastly, did it deliver?  I'm sorry to report, I didn't see any difference on the fine lines on my forehead.  I just didn't see any results, which was really disappointing.

Overall, this product was a bit of a let down from S&G.  Shame really, as I adore their bath and body range.

This is available at Boots for £16.

Have you tried Wish Upon A Jar?  What was your experience?

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