12 January 2014

MAC Makeup Haul!

I have been saving up all the things I've been buying to post a haul - literally killed me not being able to use them! Especially because it includes a MAC lipstick.

Powder blush in Frankly Scarlet, Lipstick in Craving, Brow Crayon in Spiked and MAC 217 eye shadow brush

MAC Lipstick in Craving
I was after a good eyebrow pencil that'll be a close match to mine.  I tried the Smashbox Brow Tech, but it was quite dark for my natural brows.  Then I went to a MAC store and tried Spiked - it was just perfect.  You can be quite light handed and 'draw' natural brows, which is what I was after.  It has such a fine nib, so just perfect.

I have been after Frankly Scarlet blush for a looong time, but it wasn't available in any of the MAC stores.  One store said it was discontinued, another said it's only available in pro stores and another said it was limited edition and no longer available! Finally I found it browsing the MAC website, and placed an order without any delay. It's a pretty amazing colour, really pigmented and gives a beautiful flush to the cheeks!

MAC 217 - does it need an introduction? I have been using it non-stop since I got it, it's really good!  

MAC's Craving is a colour I have eyed up before but I wasn't sure how much I wanted it.  It's a nice pink leaning more towards a plum colour but not quite a berry shade.  It does not dry my lips out at all - as with all amplified MAC lipstick.  I'm really enjoying wearing this shade at the moment.  Yes it was really hard resisting using it, before I could take photos! #beautybloggerproblems !

Hope you've enjoyed my MAC haul, what's on your MAC wishlist?


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