26 March 2014

Ciaté Dolls House Mini Polish Set Review and Swatches

Ciaté Limited Edition Dolls House Mini Polish Set £18 here contains 5 pastel Spring appropriate shades.  Can we just take a moment here and appreciate the beautiful packaging?!  That alone is a seller for me!

The polishes are mini-sized, 5ml and the colours are: 

Paper Doll - White
Baby Doll - Salmon pink/peach 
Poppet - Lilac
Sweet Pea - Mint
Doll Face - Nude

Ciaté describes the finish as 'porcelain' i.e. matte.  I had never tried matte polishes before so was unsure if I would like it.  But I once on, it's quite nice.  It gives an effortless chic look, and I like the fact that you can always put a glossy top coat on to give it a glossy look.  2 in 1!

Now, my gripe with these polishes.  The chip SO badly!!  I painted my nails in the afternoon and took pictures, went about my normal ways (i.e.watching YouTube videos) for the rest of the day.  When I was going to bed, I realised on 4 out 5 nails, the polishes were chipped!!!  If you follow me on Instagram, you can see a picture (@beautybyeff).

I may try with different base coats and see if the chipping improves.  That aside, the colours are really lovely and looks great on nails.  The set at £18 means you're paying £3.60 per polish which is pretty good value for Ciaté polishes.

Have you tried any Ciaté polishes?  How have you found them?
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