24 March 2014

Models Own 5pc Brush Set Review

I was in the market to buy some eye brushes, nothing fancy or expensive.  Just basic brushes that gets the job done.  So when the Models Own 5pc Brush Set were on half price offer on the MO website, I swiftly purchased them.
The set consists of 5 brushes - powder brush, shading brush, blending brush, angled brush and lip brush.  

My favourites out of the 5 are the angled brush, blending brush and lip brush - in that order.  I find the angled brush perfect for brows and using eyeshadow as eyeliner.  The blending brush is great for blending eyeshadow in the crease and under the eye area.  Lastly, the lip brush is perfect for some 'Lisa Eldridge' style spot concealing.  It's slightly stiff and perfectly pointed to hide any blemishes and scars.

The powder brush isn't the best, but I find it handy to keep in my bag for touch-ups.  The shading brush is my least favourite as I find it's not great at packing on eyeshadow on the lids.  I use it sometimes for under-eye concealer.  

Overall, I've found them to be good value for money.  At £10, they come at £2 per brush which is a bargain considering they're all usable and  travel friendly.  I've been enjoying using them and will be packing them in place of my chunkier Real Techniques brushes (except for the buffing brush maybe!).

Have you tried these?  Share your favourite travel brushes!
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