21 March 2014

My Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

From left to right: Rebel, Flat Out Fabulous, Girl About Town, Dangerous, Russian Red

I bought my very first MAC lipstick in 2012, Girl About Town.  I had fallen for it when I saw someone in House of Fraser wearing it.  I immediately ran upto the lady and asked her what she was wearing on her lips.  She smiled politely and told me it was MAC's Girl About Town, then she added she had been asked that a few times that day!  And I've had similar experiences when I've worn it.  It's the 'Girl About Town' effect.  GAT is a beautiful fuchsia-pink with blue undertones.  The finish is amplified creme, meaning it's really pigmented and moisturising.  The lasts really well, and fades evenly.  It's easy to wipe off with Bioderma.  I absolutely love this lipstick and can't wait to wear it in the spring!

Rebel was an impulse buy, I bought it from the Debenhams website without even swatching it!  It was a risk but I adored how beautiful it looked on various reviews.  It's a lovely pink-toned berry colour with a satin finish.  I love it for autumn/winter and have worn it in other seasons in the evening.  It really compliments any skin tone and you can wear it quite sheer or build it up to look quite vampy!  I have 'enabled' many family/friends to rush out and buy this after seeing it on me! It's a must have in my opinion.

Flat Out Fabulous is fairly new to my addition, so I've not had a lot of chance of wearing it.  But I love, love that colour!  It is part of the retro matte collection.  It is a bright, plum-fuchsia with a very matte finish.  So you need to ensure that your lips are well scrubbed and well hydrated.  Plus side of this, because of the retro matte texture, it does not budge!  You can eat/drink to your heart's content and it'll stay put!  It's easy enough to wipe off with Bioderma though.  This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I would recommend trying it on.  It's quite a bold yet flattering colour.

Dangerous is an orangey-red colour with a matte finish, another one from the retro matte collection.  I was too timid for Morange so opted for this instead.  It has the same texture, feel and staying power as Flat Out Fabulous.  I love how bright it is, without being unwearable.  This is definitely going to be my top summer 2014 lipstick.

Last but not least, Russian Red.  RR is one of my top favourite lipstick of all time.  I have lusted after this for sooo long!  It's a dark red, makes me think of 40's red lips, pure glamour.  This is another matte finish, noticing a theme here?  I'm a matte lip lover without a doubt.  

That's my rund0wn of my top five MAC lipsticks, let me know yours in the comments section below!

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