7 March 2014

My Top Skincare Tips

Skincare tips - Beauty by Eff
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Who’s not on a quest for better looking skin? Anyone?  No?  Thought so!

No matter what age you are and what state your skin is in, we are always looking to improve it.  So I wanted to share with you, tips and tricks I've learnt over the years from trial and error.  (p.s. isn't Miranda Kerr just gorgeous?!)

Drink water

This one is a no-brainer.  Water hydrates your inside, making skin look supple.  This is especially important in the winter because of all the central heating, and harsh cold wind playing havoc with your skin.  It’s also important in the summer to keep yourself dehydrated.

Eat greens

Something our parents have been saying to us since we were kids, but we’ve only just believed it now!  The nutrients will nourish your skin from the inside.  Spinach is rich in iron, vitamin A and antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory effects – this will help to calm any blemishes.   These also help with anti-ageing and cell repair?  Do you need more reasons?!

Take off makeup and cleanse at the end of the day

This is such an easy but important step.  In my teens, I used to come home tired and wipe my face with a wipe and thought I was done.  I spent hours trying to figure out where I was going wrong when I had spots/blemishes.  Wipes do NOT cleanse your skin people!  The barely take your make up off.  You should first take off makeup, and then use a proper cleanser to deep cleanse your skin.  This way you can be sure all the makeup has indeed been taken off.  Then you’re left with your bare skin to use serum/oil/moisturiser which can nourish your skin.

I cannot stress the importance of this enough.  SPF should be used all year round on any exposed parts of your skin.  Ensure the SPF protects from both UVA and UVB.  A simplified differentiation: UVA is responsible for ageing and UVB for melanoma, if you want to know more, then you can read this article or simply google.

Pay attention to ingredients

Most people spend a lot of money on their skincare.  They get lured in by the apparent ‘science and technology’ behind products.  But with a little research or maybe asking your pharmacist or google, you can really find out what’s what.   Googling information can sometimes be confusing because there is so much contradicting information out there.  In such cases, you have to weigh up the good vs. bad.  There are lot of people out there who claim to be skin experts, but again this can’t be verified, so use your judgement.  This may sound cynical, but I see too many people spending money without really understanding what they’re buying and consequently putting on their skin.

Hope you've enjoyed a somewhat different style of post.  Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this!
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