27 May 2014

Secrets of Being Organised and De-cluttered

How to stay organised and decluttered - Aspiring Londoner

I’m not the best person at being organised.  However the older I've gotten, the more organised I've had to be.  I make a conscious effort to do things in a certain way to be organised and maintain that organisation.  I’m going to share some of my practices with you guys which may prove helpful!


I’m a compulsive list maker.  I have small note pads and pens dotted about the flat to make sure I can make lists.  Lists just totally float my boat! Yes, I’m aware that sounds quite strange – but it really helps me to prioritise and remember tasks that I need to do.  The best thing I’ve found is having a notebook with me, where I write down 5 things I have to get done, 3 of which I prioritise to make sure they get done.  A friend also told me that he usually writes down a couple of things he’s already done and ticks them off.  This makes him feel like he’s already achieved something, and encourages him to get through the rest of the list!  You can also do this on your phone, just writing things down in the ‘Notes’ app as and when you remember.  Good thing to keep in mind though, ensure your list is never longer than 3-5 points, otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed and end up not doing much of it!


I think everybody is guilty of hoarding to a level.  I’m not terrible, but I do find it hard to throw away things, thinking I will use them ‘someday’.  Last year, I came across a tip which I’ve tried to stick by and it has helped.  If you haven’t worn/used something over a year, then throw it away.  This does make a difference; I’ve donated boot-legged jeans that haven’t seen daylight in quite some time, making room to store the clothes I do wear.  Another thing, I try to do every day/every other day is set a timer on my phone for 15 minutes, and focus on one room/place and de-clutter that space.  This means I’m not overwhelmed and spending a whole day and feeling annoyed.  15 minutes every day allows me to stay on top of being organised.

Have a place for everything

This is so vital!  You can’t be organised and tidy if you don’t have places for everything.  There’ll always be an untidy pile of ‘miscellaneous’ stuff as there is nowhere to put them!  So get some storage boxes or pretty up some card board boxes with wrapping paper and organise paperwork, cables, and hair tools to ensure they stay in their place! Make sure you label them too, so when you’re in a rush, you can easily find things.

Put things away now

It is tempting sometimes when you’re going out, to leave everything in a mess on the floor, on the bed.  Just imagine though, when you come back home tired wanting desperately to go to bed – you can’t! There’s a mess of clothes on the bed which then you have to just throw on the floor, or tidy then.  Literally one of the most annoying things!  Try and develop a habit if putting things away now, think of this way – most times it takes less than a minute!  Tidier surfaces mean you’ll feel calmer and less stressed as you look around your room/flat.  It’ll inspire productivity and creativity!

These are tips I try to stick to and honestly it has made a difference.  I’m much less stressed on weekends when I’m cleaning, as most things are in their places.  I spend less time trying to find things during the day.  I hope these tips will help you guys somewhat to be a little bit more organised and leave more time for doing things you enjoy!

Do you have any organising tips that help you? Please share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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