3 May 2014

Coconut Oil | Multi-tasking Miracle

Coconut Oil Uses - Beauty by Eff

Coconut oil has been pretty hyped up in the blogging world.  As a result, there are a lot ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ coconut oil being sold for insane prices!  The reason I say that is because I’ve been using coconut oil all my life and pick up a 500 ml tub for around £2.50 from Tesco/Sainsbury’s!  And it is 100% pure coconut oil as stated in the ingredients and doesn't have any fragrance.

So I thought I’d share with you how I use coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Uses - Beauty by Eff

Hair Mask

I’ve been putting coconut oil on my hair for years!  Usually I ‘drench’ my hair in coconut oil at night before I go to sleep (yes, I know it’s gross, but hear me out!) and tie it in a braid.  Always make sure to put an old towel on your pillow so your pillow isn’t soaked in oil!  Then in the morning just wash my hair.  The result is really moisturised scalp – no itchiness or dry flakes and beautifully soft, smooth and shiny hair!

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is amazing at taking of any kind of makeup even waterproof mascara.  Just be careful not to get any in your eyes!  Just take about half a tea spoonful (depending on how much makeup you have on etc) and gently spread and rub all your skin and makeup will instantly breakdown.  I use hot face flannels to wipe it all off.  Amazing!

As a beauty blogger, the best use is when you're swatching! It literally melts away the swatches on the back of your hands.  It's not left looking red from scrubbing with wipes and moisturises your hands. Score!


Although I wouldn’t use it as a face moisturiser, but I have used it on my foot, knees and elbows when I’ve had stubborn dry patches of skin.  Does the job!

Bath Oil

Use a small amount in your bath to provide extra moisture to your skin.  Your skin will feel so much softer and dry skin will be a thing of the past!

Cuticle Oil

Self-explanatory really, I use coconut oil to soften my cuticles as part of my manicure.  It does the job perfectly well and leaves my cuticle moisturised.

There are other uses for coconut oil such as cooking, oil pulling etc.  But I’ve focussed mainly on ‘beauty’ related uses and how I use it as part of my daily life.

Do you use coconut oil?  What're your thoughts on using oil?
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