25 May 2014

Escentual.com Sale Wishlist

Escentual Bank Holiday Weekend Wishlist

Escentual.com is having a 25% off everything on their site this weekend (ending Monday 27th May 2014) using code: "ESCENTUAL25".  I've compiled a list of things that are lurking in my shopping basket, hope it give you guys inspirations if you're looking to purchase anything.

I smelt this recently on a shopping trip and instantly fell in love with it.  It smells really fresh and light and just lingers subtly.  The top notes are bergamot (one of my favourites) and apple blossom, heart notes are jasmine and ylang ylang and the base notes are vanilla and sandalwood.  It’s just so season appropriate!  You need to go and give this a try if you haven’t already – and yes, it’s already in my basket!

I’ve been looking for a face oil for the longest time, most tend to be quite strongly fragranced which put me off.  But I love, love looking for a face oil for the longest time, most tend to be quite strongly fragranced which put me off.  But I love, love, love anything from Caudalie.  Their products are always really subtly fragranced and really work for my skin.  I’ve previously raved about their serums and I just know this is going to be just great!  It is designed to regenerate the complexion and detoxify the free radicals that have accumulated during the day allowing you to wake up to fresher, younger looking skin.  It is a dry oil so you won’t looking like a grease ball when applying.  I’m really quite excited to try it!

This was hugely hyped in the blogging world, and I was sceptical.  Whenever there’s a hype around a product, I’m the cynic that raises my eyebrows and thinks, ‘is it really the next best thing after sliced bread?!’  When I was near a Dior counter, I gave this a go.  It is a really nice product and really nicely illuminates the under eye area – in a less obvious way i.e. looks naturally bright rather than basically yellow!  You probably can get something similar, but I really did like this.  If you have the money to splurge, you should give this a go.  It’s definitely a luxury purchase, but a girl deserves a treat once in a while, right?!

This needs no introduction.  This is by far, the bestest hand cream in the history of universe of hand creams, ever, forever.  Yes, I did just stay that.  I’m currently on my fifth tube, and half way through it, so a stock up is much needed!  That alone tells you how much I love this, and L’Occitane ever stopped making this, I would just weep into my pillow.  I keep promising to do a full review but I will do it soon!  This is just hand cream royalty, ‘nuff said.

I’ve seen this on many blogs and YouTube videos, and the selection looks like really lovely everyday appropriate selection of eyeshadows.  I don’t ever splurge on eyeshadows but because the selection is really neutral and I’d most likely wear it on a regular basis.

Caroline Hirons’ blog introduced me to this and as you know, I love me some chemical toners!  I’ve been very loyal to my Pixi glow Tonic (full review here) and now just want to try this and see how it fares.  So watch this space!

There’s my Escentual wishlist during the 25% off site wide sale for this May bank holiday.  I honestly could buy more, but I do know they’re going to have their Frech Pharmacy sale starting 1st June 2014, so have held off the skincare!  I’m going ot be insanely poor and I blame Escentual!

What’re you buying from this amazing Escentual.com offer? Have you tried any of the above?

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