9 May 2014

From My Kitchen | DIY Face Masks

DIY face masks using banana, avocado, honey, lemon & yoghurt - Aspiring Londoner

By now you know I am just all about skincare.  I’ve always believed that you should take care of your skin no matter, then makeup will look a lot better.  When your skin isn’t behaving it can be quite upsetting, and sometimes using shop bought masks/treatments can make it worse as your skin will already be quite fragile.

I am forever cooking up potions in my kitchen.  I love cooking and baking so it’s no surprise that I ‘cook’ up my own face mask and things.  I’m going to share with you 3 tried and tested masks that I’ve used and loved, using 5 ingredients that you can easily access!

Avocado and Honey Face Mask

I think I saw this one on an episode of Dr. Oz once.  Mash up a ripe avocado in a bowl and mix in one tablespoon of honey.  Apply the paste to your face and leave for about 20 minutes; then wash off with lukewarm water (you can also wipe off with a wet muslin cloth, less messy!).  This leaves your skin feeling really moisturised due to avocados creamy texture and high level of fat.  Also honey has natural antibacterial properties helping to combat any breakouts.

This would be ideal dry skin with breakouts, or just dry skin.

Banana, Honey and Lemon Face Mask

This is for oily/combination skin.  The lemon juice helps to exfoliate the skin with acids, honey again helps with antibacterial ingredient and vitamin C in bananas helps give glow back to skin.  Apparently, there is something in bananas that prevents skin from ageing prematurely too!

Mash up the banana in a bowl, stir in one tablespoon of honey and add a few drops of lemon juice.  Mix into a paste and apply to face, leave for 15-20 minutes.  Wipe off with a wet flannel.  This leaves my skin feeling really soft to touch and supple!

Banana, Yoghurt and Honey Face Mask

This face mask is supposed to help minimise wrinkles.  The lactic acid in the yoghurt helps to gently exfoliate whilst the banana and honey provides moisture for your skin.  This is another Dr. Oz recipe (are you seeing a theme here?!)

Take half a banana (mashed up), a quarter cup yoghurt and a tea spoon of honey and mix together.  Apply to face and leave for 15-20 minutes then rinse off!  I don’t know about wrinkles, but my skin always feels really smooth, soft a skin look perked up!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the DIY face mask recipes!  I love using actual natural ingredients on my face, just because I know exactly what I’m putting on my face.  Who needs Lush eh?!

Let me know if you do DIY face masks, and share them in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london! I’m always eager to try more!

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