26 May 2014

From My Stash | 5 Makeup Brushes

The latest on my 'From My Stash' series, today's post is about 5 of my most used brushes from my stash.

Firstly, the newest addition Models Own angled brush.  I use this mostly to line my lashes with eyeshadow and to line my lower lashes.  The small size of the brush really helps to get to the root of the lashes and draw a really fine line.  It can also be used for brows again because of the small size, you can draw fine ‘hairs’ for a natural looking brow.  Available here, £10 for a set of 5 travel size brushes.

MAC 217 - a cult favourite, had to be included!  This is the best blending brush.  The head size and shape is quite unique as I haven’t managed to find any other that does the job quite like it.  You can pack on eyeshadow on the lid, blend eyeshadow and blend concealer.  It’s a really good brush to have in your stash as you can do pretty much anything with it! Available here for £18.

Next up is quite an old brush, not sure if this is available anymore.  It’s a Smashbox eyeshadow brush #32 from an older collection.  This is really good at packing on eyeshadow on the lid, the flat surface really helps to pick up powder shadow and the wide surface area ensures the whole lid is covered.  There are a lot of similar shadow brushes out there, such as the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush.

Real Techniques buffing brush needs no introduction.  I don’t think there are any bloggers out there who don’t own this brush.  It definitely deserves the hype as it’s probably the best brush to apply foundation with.  It blends foundation into the skin almost undetectably.  You can really push the product into your skin, so you can use this for powders too!  I have also used the buffing brush to apply powder blushes as the size is perfect to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend.  The only annoying thing is that, it’s not sold separately.  It’s part of the Core Collection available here at £21.99.

Yet another Real Techniques brush, this time the blush brush.  I actually use this to apply powder to my face as I find it’s too big to apply blusher.  It’s large and fluffy so you can apply a light dusting of powder to your face without disturbing your makeup.  Available here for £9.99.  Another alternative to the blush brush is the Real Techniques multi-tasking brush.  This brush is a true multi-tasker!  I’ve used this for blusher, bronzer, powder and highlighter!  I only got it recently; otherwise this would definitely have been included as one of my 5 picks!  Again, only part of a set, either the Travel Essentials Kit or Sam’s picks!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my 5 brush picks from my stash, what’s your favourite from my picks?  What’s your favourite makeup brush?

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