11 June 2014

6 Simple Tips for New Bloggers

Tips for New Bloggers with Blog Calendar - Aspiring Londoner

I've been blogging for a while now on and off.  I've picked up a few things along the way which might be helpful for anyone keen to start their own blog.  I am by no means an expert or know-it-all but just things I wish someone told me when I started to blog.

Your Blog

Blogging should be about things you enjoy, your passion as it is your blog.  This way when you write a post, it’ll come a naturally.  Don’t get too lost in all the fancy designs/layout others may have.  Everyone started with the simple blogger templates.  Make sure your colour theme is pleasing to the eyes.  Yellow font on black background might not please too many readers!  For the fancy illustrations, as your blog grows, you can change your design. 

Content is the main focus of your blog.  Your original content is what readers will keep coming back for rather than design.  Blog regularly but don’t put pressure on yourself if you can’t. Most of us have full-time jobs which takes precedence.  Regular could mean once, twice, three times a week – depends on how much time you have to dedicate to your blog.

I’ll write a full post about photography, so watch this space!

Time Management/Planning

As I mentioned before, with jobs/families/housework it is really hard to blog regularly.  This is evident in my post schedule from last year.  If you want to continue to post regularly, you need to be a bit more organised with your time.  Earlier this year, I came across Em for Marvelous blog where Em shared a free printable blog planner I have been using this and it has made a difference.  I jot down my ideas, and plan when to schedule my posts in the calendar.  It helped me to blog regularly and remember the ideas I had at lunchtime to when I’m blogging!

Social Media

Social media is your best friend.  To help interact with other bloggers and your readers you need to be on some sort of social media platform.  I’ve found Twitter to be the best for me, then Instagram and Pinterest.  You can use Facebook, but I personally don’t like Facebook so haven’t bothered.  Whichever you feel comfortable with, get on it! 

Make sure you have the same name (your blog name) across all platforms.  It makes it easier for your readers to find you and creates your own brand.  Add your blog link on your social profile, so people can see that you have a blog!


Interaction is key.  Your blog is all about communication.  So you need to communicate with others, be it on twitter or Facebook.  Twitter really comes in handy as you can join in with the various blogger communities and chats.  The chats help you get to know other bloggers, give you information about products, ideas about how to improve your blog etc.  Ellie from xomisse has a twitter chat calendar to keep you updated with almost all blogger chats.  So join in the conversation and have fun!


I know this can be perceived as an ugly word sometimes, but if you don’t promote yourself, why would someone else?  I’m not saying you should constantly tweet your links and annoy followers, but more making people aware that you have posted about a certain product/topic that can be of interest to them.  Tweet a few times throughout the day using hashtags to reach the right audience.  Use Hootesuite to schedule links to your recent post throughout the day, or when you’re on holiday to direct people to your posts.  During the week, I find this to be really helpful.

Be Nice

This is an easy one.  Being nice doesn’t cost anything.  Be nice to other bloggers, and you can form great blogging friendships.  I’ve met some genuinely nice people and they’ve boosted my confidence in my blog.  Be nice to your reader, others on twitter who are asking for help with products/concerns. 

I hope my tips will be helpful.  If you have any questions, tweet me @aspiring_london!

Do you have any tips to share?  Share in the comments below as I’m always willing to learn more!

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