9 July 2014

Beauty Shopping on a Budget

Blogging is the possibly the biggest enabling factor in my life.  All my purchasing decisions seem to stem from either seeing images on instagram/twitter or reading other blogs.  I always excuse unnecessary purchases on ‘review purposes for the blog’.  Recently, I have been having storage issues and came to the realisation that I own far too much makeup/skincare than I could possibly need.  So have imposed a restriction of not purchasing anything unless I desperately need to replace something rule.  This then prompted me to share with you guys how you can blog on a budget or generally satisfy the inner beauty fiend without going bankrupt.


I recently shared some tips on how to stay organised and de-cluttered here.  This should also apply to your beauty/makeup stash.  If you know exactly what you own, you’re far less likely to forget and buy another moisturiser, or another (or three) mint nail polish.  This will also help because you will notice products that have expired and save space.


I love these.  A product that does more than one thing is any beauty lover’s dream.  Here’s a post I did about a budget product that does almost everything.  Let your innovative side out and find products that does multiples things.  Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup recently posted a video related to this – this should give you more ideas!


Obviously if you need to buy something, you need to buy it.  Gone are the days when you went shopping to Boots and just bought what you saw.  With a vast array of online shops choose and compare with, you can make your pennies stretch much further.  Websites like Escentual, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic offer brilliant offers to lure beauty addicts in – take advantage! 

If you are going to buy something, look at what offers they have on their site.  Some websites give you an extra 10% off if you sign up to their newsletter.  A little tip here, create an email account solely to sign up to newsletters – then your actual email account won’t be filled with unwanted emails. 

Look at websites offering vouchers such as Voucher Codes, Hot UK Deals, Voucher Cloud.  Years ago, I came across Martin Lewis’ Money saving Expert website and signed up to their weekly newsletter.  This is the only newsletter I do read.  They post amazing deals and offers for savvy shoppers and have a great mantra: 

"If you're skint - Do I need it? Can I afford it? Have I checked if it's cheaper anywhere else?"

"If you're not skint - Will I use it? Is it worth it? Have I checked if it's cheaper anywhere else?"

You can print it here, so you can keep it in your purse for extra motivation!


On top of that, you can stretch your money just a little more by using cashback sites.  I discovered these a few years back and I don’t shop without using my Top Cashback account.  There’s also Quidco, but I think they charge you an annual admin fee.  Top Cashback on the other hand is completely free to use (for classic accounts).  The principle is that they give you a certain percentage of your purchase back; for example, is you bought something for £20 from X shop that offered a 5% cashback, you’d get back £1 if you click through a cashback site.  I know it’s not a huge amount, but it builds up over time, and you can either get it back as cash to your bank account or as vouchers for Boots, Debenhams, Amazon etc.  This can go towards that Dior lipstick you’ve been eyeing up!


If you’re not keen on online shopping and prefer to go in a shop and get the product there and then, you might want to look at what offers they have.  Other than the usual multiple buy offers, high street shops offer loyalty cards, coupons in magazines or coupon kiosks. 

For instance, Boots does all three!  They have a Boots Advantage Card where you earn points for spending money and can spend the points as cash in the shop.  Registering for this loyalty card also means they send out coupons in the post based on things you’ve purchased at Boots.  They also have a monthly ‘Health & Beauty’ magazine that always has cut-out coupons on the back page.  Lastly, in store thy have little coupon machines (or kiosks) that allows you to input your Boots Advantage Card number and print out coupons based on your shopping! This post isn’t sponsored by Boots, I promise, I just really enjoy all these perks!

Superdrug also has a ‘Beautycard’ (details here) with pretty much the same concept (also if you have an NUS extra card, you get an extra 10% off!).  Space NK has their N.dulge card where you get £5 off for every 100 points earned (details here).  The Body Shop has their own ‘Love Your Body’ card (details here).  Oh, and Debenhams Beauty Club Card too (details here).

If you spend a little time researching, you will always be able to save money and make less impulse purchases! 

Share your tips for shopping on a budget in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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