11 August 2014

Favourites | July 2014

July Favourites - Hydraluron, NARS Priscilla Lip Gloss, Beautyblender, My Fitness Pal, La Roche-Posay Serozinc - Aspiring Londoner

Another month, another favourites post.  I haven’t used a lot of different stuff this month as it’s been hot, and I’ve been incredibly busy; so kind of kept things minimal.  You’ll notice a theme; ‘cooling and soothing’ has been my motto for most products!

I’ve just posted a full review on this (here).  Summer heat had completely dried out parts of my face (forehead, nose) and when I apply foundation, I can see it clinging to peeling skin.  Not a good look!  The Hydraluron serum is really helping to soothe and remedy the peeling.  This serum is just fabulous for doing good by your skin.  Love it!

This is not a new product by any means.  I’ve been using this for over a year now and it has felt especially cooling and soothing this summer.  It’s an astringent toner which help oily/combo skin to combat any blemish.  I’ve just loved the cool sprtiz on my skin when I come home and cleanse my skin; just really refreshing and relaxing. 

I mentioned in my Lip Product Addict Tag post that I don’t wear gloss.  Up until recently, I only owned the Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss and it was more a clear lip balm than a gloss.  However, NARS Priscilla has completely made me swoon and want to try more glosses.  It is quite pigmented, not sticky at all and has no shimmer/glitter (score!).  It glides on the lips evenly and feel really, really moisturising.  The colour is a beautiful pretty pink, and really complements my natural skintone and goes perfect for my no makeup makeup days.  Love!

I have always thought the Beautyblender was over hyped.  I could not understand why a piece of sponge, essentially could do such wonders everyone spoke of.  Though a part of me was intrigued.  So when I saw it was part of the June Birchbox, I instantly placed an order.  It has been really helpful to ensure my base doesn’t slide off my face halfway through the day.  It really helps to give you a natural finish with your foundation.  Believe the hype, it’s real.

I’ve been using this app on and off for a long time.  The last few months I’ve really been getting into getting my fitness levels up and this app has made it so easy for me.  Easy enough to search for pretty much any food from their large database, being able to make up your own recipes and derive how many calories are in it and huge plus, being able scan your shop bought food to get nutrient info.  Honestly easiest thing if you want to keep a track of your calorie and macro intake.  I can easily keep track of my cardiovascular and strength workouts too.  Best app for a healthy lifestyle. Period.

There’s not a massive amount of favourites this month.  It’s been hot and I’ve just not been in the mood for a lot of makeup.  But hey, that can be a good thing sometimes, right?  Letting my skin breathe a little!  Hope you’ve enjoyed my favourites guys and hope you’re enjoying the good weather and getting out and about!

What’s been in your July favourites? Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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