15 August 2014

Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

Scott Cornwall Precolour Clarifying Treatment - Aspiring Londoner

During my teenage years, I was completely obsessed with dying my hair.  Not because I loved experimenting with colours in my hair; but because I loved how shiny my hair used to be after colouring! I know, that's probably the most rubbish excuse ever, but seriously, no word of a lie!

However it never used to last. After a few days, it'd be back to its dull self, making me want to colour my hair again. Fair to say, I have put my hair through a lot during those years!

What my teenage naive self didn't realise was that, had a I prepared my hair better, the shine and the colour would've lasted much longer.  My poor hair wouldn't be quite so battered!

Now in my twenties, I'm wiser (ever so slightly!) and when I decide to colour my hair, I look into prepping my hair.  Enter Scott Cornwall Precolour Clarifying Treatment*, £3.99.
The SC Precolour Clarifying Treatment removes any product build up and prepares hair for colouring.  It is an alkaline cleanser peaking just above the neutral scale point on the pH scale which means it removes residue without making hair cuticles too porous.  Basically cleans just enough too ensure colour seeps in to the hair shafts evenly.

I used this as a normal shampoo; however it does instruct you not to use conditioner afterwards.  Although it felt too ‘squeaky clean’ as a result of not conditioning however after colouring and using the deep conditioner that comes with the colour, my hair had it smoothness back!

It’s been 2/3 weeks since I coloured my hair, and it hasn’t lost ‘the shine’.  I’m so pleased with how well my colour is holding up!  For the price tag, it does its job really well!  The 100 ml bottle will last you a good while too as it’s not a regular shampoo.  However I do think, this will work really well just as a clarifying shampoo even if you’re not colouring your hair; as some say ‘Sunday shampoo’!

Do you use treatments to ensure your hair colour lasts longer?  What’s your best cleansing shampoo?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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