12 September 2014

Budget Buy Nail Polish #Hands&Tips

Nail polishes are one of those things that I feel guilty about spending too much money on.  I just feel that it don't 'benefit' me as such like a skincare product might.  It's basically paint for your nails, that doesn't penetrate the skin or the nails so why spend a fortune?!  This means in always on the lookout for budget nail polishes that will do the job.  So long as there are good colour range, good lasting power and applies well - I'm not fussed!

Enter Lidl's own Cien Nail Polish*.  I was really excited to try this out as it's only £1.99! Yes you've read that correctly!  The shade I have is 'Midnight Violet'.  Purple is one of my favourite colours and I think purple nail polishes can look really chic especially in the transition period from summer to autumn.  It's vibrant yet deep enough for autumn.

The polish itself was opaque in two coats for me.  Although if you want a really intense colour, you can go for three coats.  It applies really evenly and the brush is really precise.  I didn’t apply a top coat and you can see it has a glossy finish.  I was pleasantly surprised how good the formula was.  It wasn’t streaky whatsoever!  For a supermarket store to get a beauty product so right is pretty great.  I’m keen to give the other shades a go too.

What do you think of Cien Nail Polish?  Have you tried anything else from Lidl’s beauty range?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!


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