3 September 2014

How To Care For your Lips #LipWeek

Lip Care by Nuxe, Bee Good, Blistex #LipWeek - Aspiring Londoner

Our lips are always exposed to the elements all the time.  There’s no form of ‘clothing’ to protect them, so it’s up to us to take extra care of them.  Today’s post focuses on basic lip care.

Using lip products such as lipsticks, glosses, stains etc. takes it toll on and we can end up with dry patches on the lips or even chapped lips.  To ensure you get rid of the dry skin, you need to exfoliate.  You can use something like the Lush Lip Scrub, £5.50 available In mint julips, bubblegum and popcorn flavour or make your own (DIY lip scrub post coming soon!)  I usually go for a hot flannel.  Just before removing my makeup, I take my warm (wet) flannel and gently rub my lips.  This cleanses my lips as well as removing the dry, flaky skin on my lips.

Next step, moisturising.  We spend a lot of money on lip products but if the lips are dry/chapped, even the most expensive lip products will not look its best!  Not forgetting the discomfort of chapped lips either!  I’ve got some of my favourites lip balms to share with you today.

This needs no introduction.  My all-time favourite lip balm, ever!  I have a full review here.  I mostly use it overnight as a nourishing treatment.  It has an unusual texture, grainy/scrubby particles which appears to melt on the lips and leaves your lips looking matte.  I adore this, and it has solved any issues I’ve had over the past 18 months!  If you haven’t tried this already, you need to!

I like this for when I’m out and about and want something to quickly hydrate my lips.  This is a does what it says on the tube product.  It’s hygienic tube, natural ingredients and affordable price tag makes it a great product for everyday use.  I have a full review here.  The brand itself has quite an interesting story and philosophy – give this a try if you’re looking for something different but does the job well.

The basic and budget lip balm which I’ve been using for more years than I care to remember.  If you want something you can pick up in Boots that doesn’t cost the earth, look no further.  It contains vitamin A & E, aloe vera and collagen to keep your lips soft and smooth.  Added bonus, it has SPF 15!  This is another fail safe product that I use during day times, only issue is that it comes in a pot.  This is why I don’t use this when I’m out and opt for the Bee Good lip balm.  It has menthol in it, so your lips tingle for a while when I applied, not in a horrible way.  I actually quite like this!  It isn’t sticky or greasy and quite like unlike something like Vaseline.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on lip balms and still want it to protect your lips – this is for you!

Have you tried any of the lip balms mentioned?  What’s your favourite lip balm/treatment?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!


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