23 October 2014

Autumn Essentials | Dry Oils

Dry Oils ft. Roger & Gallet Ultra Nourishing Fig Oil, The Body Shop Argan Oil Radiant Oil & Nuxe Multi-Usage Dry Oil - Aspiring Londoner

Now that we’re well into autumn, my summer body lotion just isn’t cutting it anymore.  I’ve switched to something richer.  I tend to moisturise after my shower, but it’s always rather irritates me how long it takes for body lotions/butters to sink in.  It delays getting dressed and getting into bed all warm and cosy!  Enter dry oils!

The word oil always filled me with dread as traditional oils left a greasy film on my skin and transferred to everything I came into contact with.  However, we’ve moved away from that in the beauty world.  We now have dry oil which instantly hydrate and doesn’t leave behind any trace of oiliness!  Currently I’ve been using these three to help keep flaky skin at bay.

One of many reasons why I love this is the fragrance.  I’ve never known any body product to smell quite so luxurious, sweet and fruity that will almost transport you into a beautiful woodland.  I know this makes me sound rather insane, but for someone who isn’t massively into fig scents – I’m completely enamoured with this fruity-floral-woody scent!  I don’t bother with perfume if I’ve used this as it lingers to your skin.  I’m getting distracted with the scent; the product itself is lovely.  It has a satin texture and instantly sinks into your skin leaving the slightest of glow.  It comes in a glass, spray bottle – the spray is another thing that I love about it.  It’s so handy to use with no mess at all!  The glass bottle does limit its portability, but I think it adds to the luxury of the product.  This oil is going to be one of those things that I’ll always have on my shelves!

I’ve spoken about this before in my September favourites post.  This is very similar to the Roger & Gallet oil, just ever so slightly heavier.  It isn’t greasy by any means, you can just feel it more than you can the Roger & Gallet one.  The Argan oil fragrance is a very warm and season appropriate fragrance.  I’ve been keeping this in the bathroom permanently to force me to moisturise, this also comes in a spray bottle – a lazy girl’s best friend!  If you’re looking to purchase one, this is better value as you get more for your buck and it pretty much does the same job.  If you’re looking for a luxury, indulgent product – the Roger & Gallet oil is the way to go!

Dry Oils ft. Roger & Gallet Ultra Nourishing Fig Oil, The Body Shop Argan Oil Radiant Oil & Nuxe Multi-Usage Dry Oil - Aspiring Londoner

I have some sample sizes of these and I tend to keep one in my bag as I have terrible dry cuticles.  I use the Nuxe oil to add extra moisture.  This doesn’t smell as great as the others, in my opinion, and the texture is heavier.  It does feel like an oil on my skin.  So although I do like it as it gets the job done, the other two does the job a lot better and smells amazing!  And the bottle isn’t a spray bottle which makes things messy!

Dry oils are amazing products for moisturising the skin - you can use them on your face, body and hair. Although having fine hair, I can’t use oils on my hair without it getting weighed down straightaway.  But for adding moisture to your skin – it’s the perfect product for your bathroom shelves!

What do you think of dry oils – love it or leave it?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!


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