20 October 2014

Kiko Milano Luxurious Collection Limited Edition

Kiko Milano Luxurious Collection - Aspiring Londoner

If you’ve been reading my blog recently, you must’ve noticed I’m pretty obsessed with Kiko Milano right now.  They have excellent products and their collections just get better with eac one they release.  I honestly didn’t think they could top their Daring Game Collection, but lo and behold they release the Luxurious collection.  There aren’t enough heart eye-shaped emoticons in the world to express my absolute awe of these products.

The collection is very in keeping with metallic A/W trend and consists of a bronzer, eyeshadows, highlighter, kajal, mascara and a face brush.

The bronzer is formulated with seven precious stones: Amber to preserve the firmness and elasticity of skin, Pearl due to its anti-aging properties, Ruby as it help collagen production, Amethyst to increase elasticity of skin, Nephrite to soothe the skin, Coral to smooth and illuminate and lastly, Tourmaline to give energy.

I’m not certain that elements in makeup can do these things; however I do believe the particles of these stones can enhance your complexion with the bronzer.

A big, fluffy, synthetic face brush for bronzer and powder application.   It’s a compact size so great for your makeup bag on the go.

Kiko Milano Luxurious Collection - Aspiring Londoner

Similar to the YSL Touche Eclat helps to instantly brighten skin with a pearly sheen.  It claims to diffuse and blur lines, imperfections and appearance of dark circles.  If you like the YSL version, you’ll love this at less than half the price!  It’s available in two shades – Royal Gold & Noble Rosy Silver.

I spotted these first on Jane’s blog (British Beauty Blogger), where she compared these to the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre and the Dior Fusion Mono.  Need I say more?!  These are a steal at £11, compared to Chanel’s eye watering £25 Illusion D’Ombre.  The eye shadows are described as long-lasting, luminous and luxurious.  The texture of the shadows are supposed to be light as powder yet velvety and silky as a cream to blend effortlessly for intense looks.  It’s available in four shades – Posh Crystal Rose, Rich Gray Amethyst, Exquisite Jasper Green and Gorgeous Anthracite.

The ultra soft kajal pencil with extreme staying power to add depth and emphasise eyes.  It can be applied to the inner waterline as it’s water resistant, smudge and fade proof.  It’s available in two shades – Refined Silk & Elegant Black.

The mascara has a gel texture which enhances the natural colour of lashes for a multi-faceted colour effect.  In addition, there are coloured pigments in the formula to add new dimension to lashes.  The mascara wand is curved to really add length and volume to your lashes.  Available in four shades:  Ebony Black – to highlight green and hazel eyes;  Sapphire Blue – to highlight blue and dark brown eyes;  Jade Black – to highlight hazel and dark brown eyes;  Onyx Black – to highlight all eye colours.

From the whole collection, my must haves are the illuminating bronzer, the supreme eyeshadows and the divine reflections mascara! 

What will you be picking up from the collection?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!


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