19 October 2014

Seventeen Colour Carnival Nail Polish | Festive Nails

Seventeen Colour Carnival Nail Polish in Blue & Silver Glitter - Aspiring Londoner

Blue nail polishes are hard to wear.  I find some blue polishes make my hands look strange and just don’t suit me. As are glitter polishes, they usually make you look like you’re under the age of 13…having said that, I love glitter polishes! So I have a grown up way of wearing glitter and looking sophisticated!

In my Autumn Nail picks post here, I featured Nail’s Inc.’s Baker Street.  I am featuring an excellent alternative today along with a festive nail ‘tutorial’!  Seventeen Colour Carnival Nail Polish in Blue*, £1.99 is very similar to Nail’s Inc.’s Baker Street and is a fraction of the price.  The formula was not too watery nor too thick.  For the finish in the image, I applied three coats to fully cover and have a streak free finish.  It has a nice glossy finish too, so you don’t really need a top coat if you’re wearing it on its own.  Only thing I’d advise is that, make sure you wear a base coat, as they do stain your nails slightly.  The range has an impressive range of 60 shades and comes in gloss, matte, satin, shimmer & glitter finishes!

Seventeen Colour Carnival Nail Polish in Blue & Silver Glitter - Aspiring Londoner

I allowed the 3 coats of polish to dry.  Then I tipped the Silver Glitter* shade on a plastic wallet and got my No7 Exfoliating Sponge (mine’s very old when they used to be yellow!) and dipped the pointy end in the glitter and applied on the tip of my nails, not going further than half way of my nails.  P.S. you can use any sponge you have, mine I use to wash my brushes, so just had them handy.

Seventeen Colour Carnival Nail Polish in Blue & Silver Glitter Swatch - Aspiring Londoner

After the first coat of glitter ‘sponging’, I did another layer but this time just at the tips to intensify the glitter.  I left my nails to air dry.  I finished off by applying the No7 Stay Perfect Nail Top Coat, £6.  That’s it!  For me, this is the perfect thing for parties in the autumn/winter.  I’m definitely going to be rocking this in the office Christmas party.  This has really given me a great way to wear glitter polishes!  I adore them and now I can wear them with any polishes.  I’m not good at nail art by any means, but this was easy enough for me to do! 

What do you think of the Seventeen Colour Carnival Nail Polishes?  Will you be giving glitter polishes a go?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!


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