12 October 2014

Sunday Relaxing Pamper Sessions

Relaxing Pamper Session ft The Body Shop Argan Oil Bubbling Bath, Rituals Summer Bliss Shower Oil, Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask - Aspiring Londoner

Working full-time, managing my home and blogging all can be quite full on sometimes.  If I don’t strike a good balance of these, the stress of it all can get to me.  As a ritual, every Sunday I ensure I set aside some ‘me’ time.  For me, this has two benefits, 1) it’s a great way to relax and unwind after the week and 2) it motivates and prepares me for the week starting on Monday!  If I didn’t have my Sunday time, I imagine I’d be a terror/misery guts on Monday morning!

Relaxing Pamper Session The Country Candle Lavender & Bergamot - Aspiring Londoner

To start off my pampering, I light a candle.  Recently, I’ve been burning the Lavender & Bergamot Candle*, £8.50 from The Country Candle Company’s Polka Dot Collection.  I’m usually not a fan of lavender scents, but the combination of citrusy bergamot really makes a difference for me.  I love love citrus scents as it really energises me and lifts my mood and the lavender scent helps me to relax.  Perfect relaxing combo for me!  If you don’t usually like lavender, but have trouble relaxing – try this candle out, such a unique scent!

Relaxing Pamper Session ft The Body Shop Argan Oil Bubbling Bath, Rituals Summer Bliss Shower Oil - Aspiring Londoner

In warmer months, I tend to go for a shower and reach for my favourite Rituals Summer Bliss Lotus & Bergamot Shower Oil, £8.50.  It dispenses as oil and lathers into a milky wash.  I like this because it really moisturises my skin and feels really luxe!  As you can see, this contains bergamot too, so I love the fragrance!

In colder months, I opt for a bath.  I must say for the last couple of weeks I’ve fully started my winter routines.  It’s gotten far too cold all of a sudden!  For my baths, I’ve been using The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath*, £8.00.  If you are near a Body Shop store, please go in and smell this range – it smells absolutely incredible!  It’s sweet, but not sickening and really makes my bathroom smell like a spa!  It really nourishes my skin and leaves it smooth to the touch.

Relaxing Pamper Session ft Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask - Aspiring Londoner

No pamper session would be complete without a face mask!  Before I get in the bath, I apply one of my all-time favourite mask – Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, £21.50.  You can read more about it in my 5 face masks post here.  This deep cleanses without stripping my skin.  I apply my face mask, and start reading whatever is on my reading list that week.  I find that it really allows me to get lost in the book and leave reality behind!

I know technology is controversial related to the topic of relaxation; but I tend to use my phone to turn on some relaxing music from YouTube or catch up on my beauty videos, if I don’t feel like reading.  I don’t take my phone to bed and try to stop going on Twitter/social media quite some time before bed.  I find that really helps the quality of my sleep.

I try to keep my pamper routines simple as I don’t want to overcomplicate what is meant to be relaxing time!  I do change products around depending on my skin, my mood and just trying out new products.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my relaxing pamper sessions!  Share your pamper essentials in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!


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