14 October 2014

Weleda Oat Replenishing Hair Treatment Review

Weleda Oat Replenishing Hair Treatment Review - Aspiring Londoner

I have very long, fine hair.  In maintaining the length and ensuring good health of my hair, I end up trying many, many hair masks and treatments.  One such treatment I’m reviewing today is from Weleda.  I’ve previously tried Weleda’s Skin Food (review here) which I loved.

Naturally I had high expectations of this due to how effective Weleda Skin Food was.  Weleda Oat Replenishing Hair Treatment*, £11.50 is a thick conditioning treatment that claims to smooth rough surfaces of the hair and intensely nourish without weighing you hair down.  It contains ingredients such as, organic shea butter, jojoba and coconut oils to really provide hydration to your hair.

Weleda recommends 3 ways of using this to maximise benefit to your hair.  Firstly, apply treatment after shampooing as a normal hair mask and wrap in a hot towel for 20 minutes.  Secondly, apply as a pre-treatment before getting into the bath i.e. spray your hair with water and apply treatment and sit in the bath!  The warm steam from the bath helps the mask to penetrate your hair.  Lastly, you can dampen your hair slightly and apply the mask and then sleep in it!  Then in the morning shampoo and condition as normal.

Whenever a product claims to intensely nourish, I become sceptical because my hair is so fine – it can easily get weighed down.  But I was keen to test it out so opted for the first option as that’s probably the less messy option.  The texture is really thick and almost balmy.  It smells very similar to the Weleda Skin Food.  It is unusually not ‘slippery’ like conditioning treatments tend to be.  I applied from the mid-lengths of my hair and wrapped a warm towel around my hair.  Left it around 20 minutes and washed off.  I left my hair to air dry as well – to really see if my hair felt different.

The result – It felt soft and hydrated without feeling heavy at all!  My hair tends to feel especially fine after washing and I didn’t get that feeling when I used this.  I wasn’t a massive fan of the smell of it, wasn’t as nice as I’d like my hair to smell.  However considering how nice my hair felt – I could overlook this issue, or opt to spritz my perfume all over my hair!  I’ve been using this once a week, for the last few weeks and my hair feels stronger too!  Would I recommend?  Yes, because of the organic ingredients and the value you get (£11.50 for 150ml) is brilliant.  It’s free of SLS, parabens, preservatives and artificial essences – so this is a gem for organic beauty lovers!  I’ve tried other masks that appear to do something for your hair with ingredients that aren’t as good as this.  If you want your hair to have a healthy shine and nourishment – you should try this out.

What do you think of the Weleda Oat Replenishing Hair Treatment?  What’s your favourite hair treatment?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!


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