6 November 2014

The Balm Pretty Smart Lip Gloss | Review & Swatch

The Balm Pretty Smart Lip Gloss in Hubba Hubba Review & Swatch - Aspiring Londoner

The balm is a new brand to me.  I’ve heard a lot about their highlighter, eye shadow palette and blushers – but not much about their lip products!  Blogging for last year has meant I’ve hoarded a mass of lip products and even the products that I wasn’t fussed about – lip glosses.  In my lip products addict tag, I mentioned I didn’t really like lip glosses. 

Then the HD Brows lip gloss blew my mind (post here), and then I came across The Balm Pretty Smart Lip Gloss*, £11.50.  One of the reasons I generally dislike lip glosses are when you love the colour you see in the tube, but then you apply it and it basically looks nothing like the tube…!  In comparison, The Balm Smart lip gloss has really great colour payoff and quite opaque.  The swatch pictured of the shade 'Hubba Hubba' is just one swipe!  Being a gloss, the longevity isn’t amazing – but it wears off to a nice sheer balm almost – so again shows how good the pigmentation is!

The Balm Pretty Smart Lip Gloss in Hubba Hubba Review & Swatch - Aspiring Londoner

The packaging is the usual quirky cuteness that can be expected from The Balm!  The formula and texture is another great pro of this gloss.  It is incredibly moisturising yet I can hardly feel that I am wearing something on my lips.    It’s really lightweight formula makes it such a favourite of mine.  The come in a impressive eleven shades ranging from nudes, peachy pinks to deep reds.  The lip gloss is infused with ginseng which is known to mentally stimulate and increase concentration – I’m sorry, somehow I don’t believe a lip gloss can achieve this…show me the science if you disagree!

Other than the ginseng claim, as a beauty product – this lip gloss is up there with the greats!  I love the colour payoff, the formula and the shade ranges!  I might be starting a lip gloss collection soon at this rate!

Have you tried The Balm Pretty Smart Lip Gloss?  What’s your favourite lip gloss?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!


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