10 December 2014

Brows 101 | Part 1

Brows 101 ft. Sleek Makeup Brow Kit, MAC Eyebrow Pencil, Seventeen Sculpting Brow Pencil Review - Aspiring Londoner

Brows have become ‘the thing’ and refuse to leave us alone.  Gone are the days of very thin and/or overly defined brows (although scouse brows beg to differ!).  It’s all about thicker; more natural looking brows and I must say I much prefer it.
Along with this trend, came a barrage of brow products from eye-watering price tags to more affordable options.  Now which to choose?!  I struggled in the beginning, as I felt I didn’t want to part with a huge sum of money for the sake of something that may or may not work.  I started working my eye way through cheaper options – most just didn’t work for me colour-wise.  I’ve now wised up somewhat and have found a selection of products that get the job done.
MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked Review - Aspiring Londoner

This is my favourite by far.  The colour suits my darker brow hair perfectly and the nib is so perfectly fine that you can hardly tell that you’ve used a brow pencil.  The finish is natural and there is a good variety of shades rather than fair/medium/dark!  It has a mechanical twist up function so saves me the trouble of sharpening it and is just really easy to use.  If you have sparse brows like me, this is just perfect!

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit in Dark Review - Aspiring Londoner

Another one I fell in love with this year, as it’s the first drugstore/high street brow product that got the dark shades right.  No orange undertones making my brows look like they’re on fire!  Cooler tones of brown much closer to my brow hair colour.  I like that the kit contains a powder and a cream product, which gives you the option to use the formula of your preference.  If I want slightly stronger and defined brows, I opt for the cream and for more natural finish, I use the powder.  I have to be careful with the cream product due to my sparse brows as there's a fine line between defined and just 'felt tip drawn on brows' - give it a few practice runs to see what works for you.  Both colours work brilliantly well for me.  It also comes with a mini tweezer and two mini brow brushes – which are surprisingly usable if you’re travelling with the palette.  A great little kit from Sleek!

Seventeen Brow Sculpting Pencil in Natural Brown - Aspiring Londoner

I’ve recently started using this and was expecting a hard, waxy pencil with quite poor pigmentation.  Surely you can’t get a brow pencil right under £3?!  Oh how wrong I was!  The colour is a grey/taupe/brown and works well with my brow hairs; the formula is soft and has good colour pay-off.  Absolute steal for under £3!  If you’re on a budget, you need to give this a whirl.

Brows 101 ft. Sleek Makeup Brow Kit, MAC Eyebrow Pencil, Seventeen Sculpting Brow Pencil Swatch - Aspiring Londoner

Stay tuned for part 2 as I've got more brow products to share (can you tell I've tried a 'few' brow products?!)

What’s your Holy Grail brow product?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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