31 January 2015

Fragrances for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Perfumes ft Hugo Man, Hugo Woman, 007 Women - Aspiring Londoner

Perfumes make the greatest gifts.  Especially when you’re buying it for your other half and it’s almost a testament to how well you know them and their taste.

Valentine’s Day is coming around faster than I realised and with two weeks to go, you better start thinking about what to get for that special person!  Doesn’t necessarily need to be your other half, it could be someone who is special to you – your mum, a friend, or anyone who has been there for you.  I have a few suggestions for fragrance gift ideas for V Day. 

For Her

Valentine's Day Hugo Woman Perfume Review  - Aspiring Londoner

Hugo Woman EDP Spray (30ml, £29.99) is quite a fruity scent.  I love how sweet the fragrance is yet it doesn’t feel too young.  The scent notes include top notes of Boysenberry and Himalayan Red Grass; heart notes of Black Tea and Jasmine, and base note of Amber.  I think it’s a really lovely date night sort of fragrance.  If I could bottle up how ‘pretty’ would smell, this’d be it!  The unusual note of Boysenberry really makes it special.  This has actually been re-launched for Valentine’s Day – literally made for the occasion!

Valentine's Day 007 For Women Fragrance Review - Aspiring Londoner

007 For Women EDP (30ml, £19.99) has an oriental scent.  It’s a little more sensual than the previous one.  The scent notes include top notes of Black Pepper and Rose Milk; heart notes of Blackberry and White Jasmine, and base notes of Sandalwood, Cedar Wood and Amber.  The scent matches the name, very 007!  The packaging is a complete winner as I love the black bottle and the shape; by far the best packaging. 

For Him

Valentine's Day Hugo Man EDT Perfume Review - Aspiring Londoner

Hugo Man EDT (40ml, £23.99) is not your typical male fragrance.  The reason I love this is because of how fresh it smells.  Traditionally men’s fragrance tends to be quite strong and musky, and after a while you can’t tell the difference.  What sets the Hugo Man aside is the fresh twist to the traditional masculine scent.  The scent notes include top notes of Grapefruit, Green Apple, Bergamot and Mint; heart notes of Jasmine, Geranium, Lavender and Patchouli; and base notes of Musk, Pine Needles, and Sandal.  There are a lot of elements mixed in yet the balance between the musk and citrus notes are just right. 

These are all under £30 and are absolutely fabulous gifts!  Will you be picking one of these up?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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