25 January 2015

Netflix | 5 Must Watch Series'

5 Series' to Watch on Netflix - Aspiring Londoner
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I don’t know about you but I’m utterly obsessed with Netflix.  I’ve found that I hardly ever watch TV anymore.  In my free time I’m more and more inclined to binge on TV series on Netflix and peoples’ tweets tell me you’re all doing the same thing!  I wanted to share my top 5 TV series available on Netflix so you can binge the way I do.

I cannot even tell you how much I love Dexter.  I was inconsolable when it came to an end!  I highly recommend Dexter to those who love a bit of thriller and suspense.  The characters are really well written and well played that you feel quite invested in them.  Don’t be fooled by the storyline, it’s not gory at all; otherwise I wouldn’t have watched it.  One of the best series I’ve ever watched.

Gossip Girl
No introduction needed.  Put this down with the classics like SATC, must watch.  This has the perfect combination of decadence, girl hierarchy politics, and Chuck and Blair – you need to watch this if you haven’t already!

House of Cards
I highly dislike Kevin Spacey, he’s an excellent actor and because of that I will always remember him as Lester in American Beauty.  Yet I find this makes him so well suited as Frank Underwood in HoC.  Watch him manipulate and scheme his way to the top.  This is political thriller at its best!

Pretty Little Liars
Recent obsession, it’s quite gripping.  It’s no Dexter but I still enjoy the search for ‘A’ by the PLL girls.  Every episode makes you wanting to know more what happens in the next one, is that not a sign of a good series? 

Sons of Anarchy
I’m going to be honest, not everyone is going to love this.  This is very different to my usual watch.  It’s based around a Motorcycle Club ‘Sons of Anarchy’, this has a fair bit of violence and it gets worse as the seasons go on, however I found myself so gripped to the storyline, I couldn’t stop watching.  Also, hello Charlie Hunnam! My fellow North Eastern who’s a hell of an eye candy!

That’s you sorted for the year then!  Who needs a social life, eh?!

What’s your favourite series’ to watch on Netflix?  I’m looking for my next obsession!  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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