16 January 2015

Review | No7 Core Collection Brush Set

No7 Core Collection Brush Set Review - Aspiring Londoner

No7 does great makeup brushes for the price point.  I’ve previously shared the No7 Christmas brush set in the gold packaging and a lot of you guys loved it!  So I have something exciting for those who didn’t get the chance to grab them at Christmas.

No7 are going to be releasing five brand new makeup brushes!  It’ll include No7 Contour & Highlighter Brush (£14), No7 Retractable Bronzer Brush (£15) & Retractable Lip Brush (£8), No7 Smudger Brush (£8), No7 Precision Eyeliner (£8), and the No7 Core Collection Brush Set (£23).

No7 Core Collection Brush Set Review - Aspiring Londoner

No7 Core Collection Brush Set Review - Aspiring Londoner

The No7 Core Collection Brush Set caught my attention as I wanted to know if it’ll be similar to the Real Techniques Core Collection.  The No7 Core Collection has four brushes – a foundation brush, a concealer brush, an eyeshadow brush and a blusher brush.  The foundation brush is a traditional brush which you can use to apply your liquid/cream foundation – this didn’t interest me much as I don’t use these types of brushes for foundation.  See my post here about tools for perfect foundation application.  The eye shadow brush is okay, however it’s no MAC 217!  It does a good enough job of laying eyeshadow on to your lids, but I didn’t find it to be great at blending.

The No7 Concealer Brush on the other hand intrigued me. I always use my fingers for foundation, but seeing makeup artists use brushes has always made me want one!  The brush is a much smaller version of the foundation brush and it quite flexible.  It allows me to dab and blend concealer around blemishes and acne scars as well as undetectable apply foundation to my under-eye area.  I am really enjoying using this product and it allows for a more flawless concealer blending.

The No7 Blusher Brush was another favourite due to its shape.  It’s quite flat yet fluffy enough to be a blusher brush.  As a result of the flat sides, it is fantastic as a contour brush.  I’ve been using this as my one-stop brush for blusher, bronzer, contour and powder!  I do hope they bring this out as an individual brush because let me tell you, I will stock up!

No7 Core Collection Brush Set Review - Aspiring Londoner

The brushes come in a lovely faux-leather travel pack with eight brush pockets and closes magnetically.  You cannot get more chic than that!  The brush fibres are synthetic and incredibly soft.  They wash really well too, I’ve washed them a couple of times with baby shampoo and haven’t seen any shedding or loss of shape.  Do they compare to the RT Core Collection?  Yes, although I wish they had included a buffing brush which would have made it perfect for me.  The No7 Core Collection wins in packaging, the travel pouch and the blusher brush.  The price is pretty similar, although you could use the £3 off vouchers when Boots release them making them a little cheaper!  If you’re looking for an alternative to RT brushes, you’ve come to the right place.  The No7 makeup brushes will be available in Boots Stores and boots.com from 9th February 2015.

Have you tried No7 Makeup Brushes before?  Will you be picking up the new brushes?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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