28 February 2015

Brows 101 | Part 2

Brow Mascara Review ft L'Oreal, GOSH & Maybelline - Aspiring Londoner

I was going to include some more brow products in this part, but I had a lot of questions about brow gels/mascaras. So I decided to make this post all about products that set the brows.

The three products I'm going to mention today are all from the drugstore. To be honest, for something like a brow gel, you really shouldn't need need to spend a fortune.

This was my first eyebrow mascara and it converted me to use a brow mascara. The brush is rounded at the top which I think is good if you have naturally thick brow hairs and it ensures that each hair is coated. The colour is good adding a tint rather than a lot of colour. However I do think if you have sparse brows like me, the brush tends to accentuate that. This is only a issue if you're only using the brow mascara and no other brow products. I still use it when I'm doing a full brow routine and do think it's a good product.

This is the newest addition to my stash and my favourite product! I love the L'Oreal Brow Plumper firstly because of the smaller brush as I find it helps keep my brows quite precise, whereas the Maybelline one is quite big and makes it harder to neaten the brow. The product is more pigmented than the Maybelline one and I can just get away with using this and no other products. The consistency of the gel is slightly thicker and not too watery. I find the longer wand helpful when I apply the product. This is definitely my favourite as my sparse brow benefits from the more pigmented gel and smaller brush and bristles.

The GOSH brow gel has the most liquid consistency out of all three. This makes it almost undetectable, the pigmentation is very light and is almost like a clear gel. It literally gives you the lightest tint and sets your brow hairs in place. You can hardly tell you have any brow product on. The wand is smaller, not as small as the L'Oreal one, and the wand is long too. I think this is most suitable if you have quite full brows naturally and only want to keep the hairs in place with a natural finish.

Brow mascaras may seem like an extra step that you don't need in your routine, I used to think that. Nowadays I'm more likely to grab my brow mascara than a brow pencil!

Are you reliant on brow mascaras? What's your favourite brow product? Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

Some of these items have been sent to me for review purpose.

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