27 February 2015

Drugstore | Hydrating Face Masks

Hydrating Drugstore Face Masks Review ft Superfacialist, Bioderma, Weleda, Superdrug & The Body Shop - Aspiring Londoner

I’m pretty meticulous with my skincare especially when it comes to using face masks weekly. As a frequent face mask user, it can become a little straining on the ol’ bank account to keep reaching for higher end brands and products. I’ve handpicked a few of my favourite hydrating drugstore face masks that provide just as good a result as higher end masks.

Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Mask

I bought this after hearing Khila (Miss Budget Beauty) rave about it. Coming in at under £3, I wasn't sure if it would deliver on it's claims. The texture of the mask is really light, it's slightly thicker than a lotion. It smells incredibly fresh, not over powering. I apply the mask all over my face avoiding my eye and mouth. The instructions tell you to keep it on for 10-15 minutes, but I've left it on longer and haven't suffered adversely. The results totally made me eat my words. You can get a lovely and effective moisture mask under £3! It left my skin feeling smooth and 'baby' soft to touch. If you're on a budget or suffereing from the battering cold winds, give this a try and it'll fix your skin right up!

I've wanted to try something from the Superfacialist range for...well, forever! The consistency of this mask is the thickest. The fragrance is that slightly artificial rose scent. It's not overpowering enough to put you off, just something to be aware of if you're not a fan. Due to the thick consistency, leaving it on 5 minutes is enough. If you're suffering from stubborn dry patches, you can leave it on longer as I didn't have any issues with it. This mask left my face feeling hydrated. It didn't soften my skin as much as the Superdrug Moisture Mask, but it completely got rid of the dry patches left behind from some blemishes. I'd recommend this to anyone who has dry skin, or wants an intense moisture treatment.

Hydrating Drugstore Face Masks Review ft Superfacialist, Bioderma, Weleda, Superdrug & The Body Shop - Aspiring Londoner

I love The Body Shop Vitamin E range so naturally this was going to be included. The consistency of this mask is jelly like, and once applied almost melts and 'sinks in'. Due to this texture, I think it's suitable for everyone. I've left this on overnight and not bothered to remove it. In the morning, my skin was soft, supple and felt plump. The price at £13 might seem a tad high, but TBS always has great offers that can bring the price down as much as 50%!

The Bioderma Hydrabio has the lightest consistency from all the masks mentioned. It feels like a light lotion on the skin. If you apply a light layer, you can almost forget that you've applied a mask! I applied a thick layer and wiped off with a damp muslin cloth after 15 minutes. My skin felt moisturised and soft. The light texture appealed to my oily/combination skin as it didn't feel overpowering. The scent is the signature Biderma scent, subtle, almost undetectable. I'd recommend this if you want hydration without overwhelming your skin. Although this is £14.50, escentual.com often has discounts on Bioderma.

This Weleda mask is the most expensive one from the selection. It's technically a 'smoothing mask'. It claims to soften fine lines and preserve elasticity of your skin. I wanted to include this as some of us are thinking about anti-ageing products and this'd be a good addition to the skincare routine. The rose scent is much nicer in this mask and not artificial. The consistency is like a thick moisturiser yet doesn't feel unbreathable. I leave it on for 20 minutes and gently wipe away with a damp muslin cloth. My skin feels rehydrated, soft and brighter. I can't comment on the fine lines aspect, but I hope it is working!

I hope the range of my hydrating mask selection will be helpful to everyone. I've really enjoyed all the masks; although they all essentially have the same goal, I do think that the scents, consistency and feel of the products will divide people. Do let me know if there are others that you think should be included in my list. I absolutely love face masks and keep an eye out as there are more face mask related posts coming up!

Will you be trying out these drugstore hydrating face masks? What's your favourite hydrating face mask? Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

Some of these items have been sent to me for review purpose.

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