20 March 2015

5 Beauty Essentials You Don't Need To Splurge On

5 Beauty Essentials You Don't Need To Splurge On - Aspiring Londoner

As a beauty blogger, I do spend significantly more on beauty and makeup products than your average gal.  But there are things that I never spend more than a couple of quid on, because in my opinion, there’s just no need to.

Cotton wool/pad
The most used tool in a woman’s beauty stash, therefore always needs replenishing.  I will undoubtedly go for the cheapest most basic cotton pads I can find.  I usually go for Bodycare/Tesco basic ones as they’re about 50-60p for 80-100 pads; failing that Boots/Superdrug when they have offers on.  At Boots, they do have the larger sized ones that I like for removing eye makeup.

Hair Bobbles
If I had a penny for every time I lost one.... I’d have about £20 (yes, I know, I’m hilarious)!  Seriously though, I lose them like nobody’s business.  I don’t know how or why, they just disappear!  Primark is lifesaver for this, as they sell like 50/60 for £1!!! Insane, but very helpful for me.  They’re the good ones as they don’t have the metal bar which used to get stuck to my hair etc.  They always have a combination of thin and thick bobbles again very helpful if you’re plaiting your hair.  Just a no brainer, hair bobble = Primark, awesome.

Bobby Pins/Hair Grips
These are another one of the mystery things that I just lose in coat pockets, bags, anywhere and everywhere!  So I need to have a good stock of these as one of these days, I’m going to want to do some fancy hairstyles and won’t have the flippin’ bobby pins!  Bodycare again is best for these, as you get like 50 for 60p, unfortunately they don’t have Bodycare everywhere, so I had to go to Boots last time – boots points to the rescue!

Nail Polish Remover
I don’t see the point spending too much on nail polish removers at all.  You swipe away nail polish with it, so it’s not really staying on anywhere to give you any benefit.  Bodycare sells the 250ml bottles for around 70-80p. I did buy mine last time from Tesco, as I desperately needed it and it was around £1.30, almost double the price.  I’d imagine places like Home Bargains would do them for lower than this too.

Flannels/Face Cloths
Last but not least, face cloths that every girl needs every day.  I use a fresh one every day, so need to ensure I have a stack of clean ones for the week.  I bulk buy them from Primark, 3 for £1.50m, done.  They do the job, makes it easy for you to have a few extra ones, if you haven’t managed to put the washing on that weekend.  Who needs the stress of not having a clean face cloth?!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, do let me know what other essentials you have that you can pick up for a couple of quid!  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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