15 March 2015

5 Under £5 #1

5 Under £5 Review ft Rimmel, Collection, Maybelline - Aspiring Londoner

Drugstores have improved leaps and bounds from when I was a teenager.  I used to struggle to buy anything decent for under a fiver.  Whereas now you can buy some amazing products that can give their expensive counterparts a run for their money.  I’m going to share five of my current favourites under £5 that you need to try out.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palettes £3.99 (currently £2.99 at Boots)
These palettes are the best things to have the hit the drugstore recently.  I can happily give up all other eyeshadows if I have these in my life.  I have full review and swatches here.  The pigmentation is incredible and formula is soft and blendable.  You need these in your collection as I just haven’t such great eyeshadow palettes at this price point.

This is the most affordable pencil I’ve used that gives good colour match and has the right formula.  The pencil isn’t too hard or waxy, firm enough to ‘draw’ in little brow hairs.  The colour isn’t too warm or too grey, and looks natural when applied.  Excellent brow pencil for everyday and so affordable!

5 Under £5 Review ft Rimmel, Collection, Maybelline - Aspiring Londoner

These Maybelline polishes are the best I’ve found for lasting power.  They last a minimum of six days on my nails without any chipping!  The finish is high shine and does look gel-like.  I was so impressed with the staying power that I’ve bought a few more, and always seem to gravitate towards these when painting my nails.  Despite the deep colour, they don’t stain my nails either.  The brush is wide enough to fit my whole nail in swipe.  Brilliant nail polish and is better than a lot more expensive ones!

This is one of the best masks I’ve used.  If I hadn’t known the proce tag, I would have assumed it’s from a high end brand!  It smells subtle and fresh; the formulation is not too thick yet feels really comfortable on the skin.  Best of all, it leaves skin feeling moisturised, smooth and supple.  At the price, I can use this every day!

Best powder I’ve found, ever.  I discovered this in one of my Tesco hauls (post here) and haven’t looked back since!  It has happily replaced my MAC powder and to be honest, I haven’t even missed it!  The powder is really fine, goes on completely undetectably on the skin and gives me a shine free finish.  I don’t have to reapply during the day unless I’m going straight out after work.  This is an amazing powder and does the job really well to keep oil and shine at bay!

What are your hero products for under £5?  I’ll be continuing this as a series, so share recommendations  in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purpose.

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