29 March 2015

Beauty Gadgets | YOSO Trim

YOSO Trim Beauty Pen Hair Trimmer Review - Aspiring Londoner

I’m a tech fan; I love all things techy; growing up with brothers will do that to you.  What I love more is use of gadget in beauty.  They help us look good in less amount of time.

I did have a small hair trimmer a while back but it was quite flimsy and fell apart.  So I was sceptical to get another one, but missed the convenience.  When I was sent the YOSO Trim Beauty Pen, £17.99 I was excited to see if it was any better.  It looks really chic in the gold metal packaging.  It feels really sturdy so I knew it wouldn’t fall apart easily.  It comes with a mini cleaning brush and a 2mm/4mm trimming attachment.  It uses one AAA battery (not included) and it lasts ages!

I tend to use it on my upper lip and around my eyebrows.  I don’t tweeze my eyebrows my hair much and don’t let anyone else touch them either.  So the fine hairs around my brows can start to look a little messy.  The trimmer is really precise so you can even get rid of odd brow hairs out of place.  Using the YOSO Trim really helps my eyebrows to look ‘done’ and fresh without actually getting them done.  Just getting rid of the fine hairs around my brows really defines my natural brows! 

I find using YOSO Trim on my lips to be quick, convenient and completely painless!  I’m so glad to not having to wax and then tweeze out the odd hair growing back quicker; or realising before heading out to work that I really should have waxed!  This completely sorts this problem out as it takes less than a minute; especially if you’re travelling, so handy to have in your bag!

For me, this is well worth the investment, and truth be told I should’ve repurchased this as soon as my other one broke! 

Have you tried any facial hair trimmers?  What are your thoughts on beauty gadgets?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.  

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