4 March 2015

How I Conceal & Brighten Dark Under-Eye Bags

How to conceal & brighten under-eye circles ft NARS, Clinique - Aspiring Londoner

As I grow older, dark under-eye circles are becoming a persistent issue. Even if I go to bed just an hour late, you can be sure the next morning I will have sizeable bags under my eyes. It's quite frightening really. Other than ensuring I I get at least 8 hours sleep, which unfortunately is hard to achieve in the days of internet; I have whittled my makeup products down to two things that can effectively fake it for me!

Firstly, conceal conceal conceal! Weirdly I don't actually get blue under eye bags as most people seem to get. Mine are just really dark as if it's a bad attempt at contouring! So for me it's always about finding the right shade of concealer that conceal and also brighten a little. I found my Holy Grail concealer last year in the form of NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I'll admit it's pricey, but for me I find to find an exact match for my skin tone, I have to go for a brand that caters for a wide range of skin tones. The NARS concealer comes in 10 shades and I'm the shade 'Ginger' for reference. I find the creamy consistency helps to hydrate my under eye area and sit well on top of eye creams. The formula has enough coverage yet feels light on the skin, it doesn't cake either. It doesn't crease on my skin, the trick I use is building it up little by little. Keep applying the tiniest amount each time and blending it well to the skin. I use my fingers as it's gentle for under my eyes and allows me to blend well. Make sure you don't apply too much as that can lead to creasing. The next step is to set the concealer with a powder.

How to conceal & brighten under-eye circles ft NARS, Clinique - Aspiring Londoner

I saw a lot of people using the Ben Nye Banana powder to brighten their under eyes like Kim K. However It looked a little too yellow, I wasn't sure about using loose powder under my eyes and I have no idea where I could get my hands on this product. I then came across the Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder. Although it's formulated to treat redness, I find that the 'mellow yellow' tone helps to brighten my concealed under eye area without making it too bright like the Kim K look. The yellow pigmentation is light but bright enough to add something to the under eye area. The pressed powder formula means that too much product isn't picked up on the brush and helps to set my concealer without looking too powdery. The powder is super fine and almost undetectable on the skin. The compact comes with a decent sized mirror inside and a little brush which makes it helpful if you want to take it out with you!

This duo is my absolute favourite products for my under eye darkness. I don't think I could be without either of these two!

Do you suffer from under-eye circles? What products help you brighten your under-eye area? Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!


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