10 March 2015

Luxury | Hydrating Face Masks

Luxury Hydrating Face Masks ft Origins, Jurlique, The Body Shop - Aspiring Londoner

Following on from my drugstore hydrating masks post, I wanted to share some luxury face masks (i.e. over £20) that work that little bit better. Some of these are targeted for specific concerns which some of us might find helpful.

This is the most interesting and unusual face mask I’ve tried in some time.  First of all I love the packaging, the weighty glass jar, the little spatula to scoop the mask out, very worthy of its price tag.  The product itself smells really nice and fresh and I enjoy that.  I’ve previously found that night creams/treatments tend to either smell quite bad, or just quite bland.  The consistency of the mask is jelly-like, it has a ‘bounce’ to it.  However once I take the product in my hands, it almost melts to a light serum consistency and is really pleasant to smooth over my face.  Instantly my skin feels really soft and plump.  The morning after the plump feeling is still there and that’s what I suppose the ‘bouncy’ skin reference is to.  For TBS, the £22 price point is steep, however the mask is far superior in performance than the normal range of face masks.  The jar is absolutely huge and I can see this lasting me a good while.  I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to put the ‘bounce’ back into their skin!

If you haven’t read about this delicious little gem on my blog, here’s some more gushing!  Here’s a full review of this miracle mask.  The creamy, delectably fragranced mask sorts out any dry, dehydrated skin issues you’re facing.  I’ve seen results from first use.  The consistency is a little thick, so a little goes a long way; smells like peaches and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.  In the morning, I always wake up with nourished skin.  It feels like my skin has drunk two litres of water and hydrated from within.  Dry skin no more!

I was sceptical about the rose fragrance initially, as you know.  I’m funny with rose scents that artificial one just really doesn’t go down well with me.  Thankfully, as soon as I smelt this, I loved it.  Lovely rose fragranced, not at all overpowering.  The consistency of the Jurlique mask is thinner than the Origins mask.  It smoothes on to my skin effortlessly and feels comfortable.  After removing the mask, skin feels soft, supple and hydrated.  The reason I like this mask is because it does similar things to the other two masks but you can apply this during the day if you need to be out in the evening and need that moisture boost.  The ingredient has a blend of antioxidant that should act as an environmental shield and protect against future damages.  The mask also promises to smooth fine lines which is why the price point is higher.  This is a great pick me up before events, going out and just during the winter months when your skin takes a battering from the harsh weather.

What are your luxury face masks?  I’d love some recommendations, so share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purpose.

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