11 March 2015

Sudocrem | Miracle Worker for Acne?

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream for Acne Review - Aspiring Londoner

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of people swear by Sudocrem as their miracle product in battling acne/blemishes.  I must  say I remained cynical.  I’m never a believer in nappy creams etc. being used as normal skincare routines.  The reason being, it won’t do what a targeted treatment will do for your skin.

However I decided to give it a go anyway, so many people swear they see results, it can’t all be a coincidence!  I opted for the SudocremSkin Care Cream, £1.99 as it’s targeted to be used for problem skin rather than nappy rash.  I’ve had quite a bit of trouble with my skin this winter.  It has broken out like mad and now I have quite horrendous scarring.  When I was going through the breakouts, my normal lotions and potions didn’t seem to work as well.  I don’t know if my skin is completely used to it or what, they just weren’t doing enough. 

I had some quite big blemishes that were very inflamed, red and painful.  So after I cleansed my skin in the evening, I applied a thin layer of Sudocrem and just smoothed it over the area of the blemishes.  I left it overnight; the next morning, I gently washed my face with lukewarm water.  The blemishes were still there and painful, but the redness had gone down quite a bit.  This helped as I didn’t have to rely on makeup so much to disguise it.  I did the same thing in the evening, and the following morning, the redness had reduced further.  After using it for a few days, I could see it didn’t completely take the blemishes down, but it helped to completely get rid of the redness from the area.  It felt less painful and my face didn’t look quite the mess it did a few days ago.  This makes sense to me as the cream contains BHA (beta-hydroxy acid) which is lipid (oil) soluble and can penetrate into your skin to exfoliate and clear out clogged pores.  It also contains citric acid, which again helps to exfoliate skin.

The consistency of the product is quite thick.  I took the tiniest blob for each blemish.  The fragrance is actually nice, as it has lavender oil, and it’s quite subtle too.  I wouldn’t call this a miracle product as I didn’t see anything miraculous.  However I would say it’s worth keeping in your beauty stash as at under £2, it does something that lot more expensive products fail to do.  It’s also quite handy to have in your gym bag, if you get blisters etc from weight lifting!

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