22 April 2015

3 Free Essential Apps To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

I've been on my fitness journey for over a year now.  I've mixed up gym training, running and some home workouts. Between working full-time, blogging and actually having a life leaves very little time to work out!  Do you struggle to get to the gym or go running outside?  Well then read on to find out what helps me to stick to my fitness goals!

3 Free Essential Apps To Achieve Your Fitness Goals - Aspiring Londoner

Nike+ Training Club

Undoubtedly my favourite app, ever!  The Nike+ Training Club app includes a lot of exercises, some include some equipment, most don't.  You can pick your goal e.g. lean, fat loss etc and then pick from a wide range of exercises.  I love how easy it is to use, there are no 'in-app purchase' - it is actually free, and the variety of exercises available.  There are bonus workouts you can download e.g. athlete workouts.  All the workouts have video demos so makes it really easy to follow.  Be warned, it's a large app so will take up quite a bit of space on your phone, but SO worth having!


I've mentioned MyFitnessPal befoe on my blog.  I love this app to keep track of my food and activities.  It's so easy to use and I find that sometimes it actually stops me from making 'bad' food decisions!  There has been so many times where I've wanted to eat a cake/chocolate and quickly checked on MFP for the calories, and then looked the other way or picked up something healthier!  I'm not saying you should be counting every calories or whatever, but it just gives you a better picture of what you're eating.  MFP has a huge food database and allows you to add your own food too; if you're making your own recipes you can add and find out how many calories per serving it is etc.  If you're wanting to eat healthily, you definitely need this app on your phone!


Remember when I said, I'm good at drinking water?  Well, I was wrong!  I mean, I do drink a lot of water but nowhere near what I should be drinking.  This app opened my eyes to this complete incorrect idea I had that I was totally down with the water game.  WaterBalance takes your height and weight and suggests the amount of water you should be drinking.  throughout the day you can add what you're drinking water/tea/coffee etc and try t achieve your personalised hydration goal.  The interesting thing about this app is that when you add tea/coffee, it actually reduces your hydration yet we're always told that tea/coffee is part of your water intake.  Wrong, this is because these are natural diuretics i.e. makes you pee more.  So makes sense that they're reducing your hydration.  If you're trying to keep yourself more hydrated, you definitely should download this app now!

Do you use apps to keep track of your fitness?  Share your favourites in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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