13 April 2015

5 Easy SEO Tips For Bloggers

5 Easy SEO Tips For Bloggers - Aspiring Londoner

SEO is a bit of head scratcher for any blogger in my opinion.  SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can be quite complicated to get your head around.  How do you make your blog stand out from the rest?  I’m by no means an expert but I’ve picked up a few somewhat easy tips along the way that helps to make your blog more ‘visible’ to search engines and therefore your readers!
1.  Name your images

Always ensure when you save your images on your computer you name them relevantly, e.g. ‘MAC Diva Lipstick Swatch.jpg’ instead of 'IMG_001'.  When you upload the image, it already has a relevant description attached. 

Once uploaded, always complete the Title Text and ALT Text on the image properties.  The ALT Text gives the image a description and tells Google what your image is (as Google can’t ‘see/read’ your image); this helps your ranking.  Also, if your image doesn’t load for whatever reason, it’ll tell your reader what the image was rather than just a blank space.

2.  Change your post’s permalink

Your post permalink shows on the right hand side of your blogger post editing page.  It is basically what the URL of your post will be.  By default blogger will pick the first few words from your post title and make this your permalink.  Don’t leave it at default!  Edit it to make it relevant to your post e.g. instead of ‘www.aspiringlondoner.co.uk/my-favourite-face-cleanser’ change it to ‘www.aspiringlondoner.co.uk/antipodes-grapeseed-butter-cleanser-review’.  This better reflects what your post is about and helps your readers find what they’re searching for.

3.  Link your own posts

This is perhaps the easiest one of them all.  Always link relevant posts from your blog to your current posts, for example, if you’re posting about a new nail polish that is a dupe for a previous one you’ve posted, link it for the readers so they can see your previous post.  This shows that you have relevant information on your blog and also helps readers to stay on your blog longer by directing them to other posts.

4.  Use relevant keywords

This is linked to the previous point.  When linking to a post within your blog, make sure you’re linking with keyword phrase.  For instance, if you’re linking to ‘blue nail polish swatch’ then link to ‘blue nail polish swatch’ instead of ‘click here’ link.  This gives the link a description making it easier to find.

5.  Post consistently

If your blog and content is updated regularly with new and useful information; it makes your blog more ‘credible’ in search engines eyes.  Adding fresh content to your blog means it is a credible and relevant source of information and this helps to improve your site’s ranking.

Do you have any easy, quick and helpful SEO tips?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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