28 April 2015

Disappointing Products #1

I try out a lot of beauty products and there are lots of hit and misses.  I enjoy writing about the products I love that work but don't particularly enjoy writing about products that do't, reason being I find it boring to talk about them.  But I watched a couple of disappointing products videos over the last week on YouTube and realised how much I enjoyed watching them as I know what to avoid.  This spurred me on to start writing these posts myself!

Disappointing Products Review ft Topshop, Illamasqua, Kiko - Aspiring Londoner

Topshop Foundation (£16)

I've tried a lot of makeup from Topshop and was naturally interested to try out their base products too.  Topshop's foundation come in four shades and claims to adapt to match to your skin tone.  I opted for shade 3 which looked lighter than my skin tone, but shade 4 would have been too dark.  The foundation comes packaged in a frosted glass bottle with a dropper lid for the foundation.  I'm not a fan of the packaging as it looks quite cheap.  A lot of highstreet foundations come in under £10 and has far better packaging.

The consistency of the foundation is quite runny and liquid so you have to shake it before application.  To start off, I took a couple of drops from the dropper and started buffing into my skin with my RT buffing brush.  It turns into sort of a powder consistency quite quickly so doesn't give you a lot of time to buff the product in.  The coverage is light, and it clung to every tiny little flake on my face!  I have oily/combination skin and it made my skin look quite dry and dehydrated.  I went in with a couple of more layers to try and build coverage, but it just sat on my skin making it look worse and worse.  For £16, this is such a disappointment.  Any beauty products are quite personal to your skin type so if you've tried and loved it, do let me know!

Illamasqua Under-Eye Concealer (£14.50)

This under eye concealer may have been discontinued now, but I still wanted to write about it as it put me off trying concealers from Illamasqua!  I love so many products from Illamasqua and loved pretty much everything, that I kept persisting with this product.  The under-eye concealers had a decent shade range in my opinion, and I picked something that was a little lighter than my skin tone to brighten my under eyes.  

The consistency of the concealer was quite thick so it was hard to blend under my eyes.  After about 15 minutes of application it badly creased!  It seeped into every little tiny line under my eye area and it looked so much worse than the circles under my eyes!  Even with powder, it still creased and looked quite cakey.  I just haven't been able to make it work, so it has now made its way into my 'throw away' pile.  I wanted to share it with you guys before I did throw it away.

Disappointing Products Review ft Topshop, Illamasqua, Kiko - Aspiring Londoner

Kiko Cosmetics Modern Tribes Dawn Till Dusk Volume Mascara (£8.90)

The newest product of the three, the Kiko Modern Tribes Dawn till Dusk Mascara.  I love Kiko's makeup.  My blog is a testament to how much I love their makeup, but I had never tried any of their mscaras so when I got this I was beyond excited! 

From a volume mascara, I expected just that, volume if nothing else.  However when I applied this, it did nothing.  and I mean nothing!  The bristles are the synthetic kind which is what I usually like in a volumising mascara.  But the problem is with the formula of the mascara, it is so watery that it just doesn't do anything at all.  I've tried applying up to 3 coats and it barely looks like you have anything on.  It's far too watery to coat my lashes properly and doesn't have any volumising effect on me whatsoever!   I don't know if all Kiko mascaras are like this, or if this is just a bad one, but very disappointed.

Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned and had better results?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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