30 May 2015

Affordable Acrylic Makeup Organisers

Do you sometimes find lipsticks you've forgotten you had?  This is a problem I've encountered recently, and it made me want to look into the acrylic storage solutions.  We, beauty enthusiasts, have a lot of makeup!  And it's easy to forget what's inside a makeup bag!  I've previously looked into Muji stuff, but they are a little expensive for my liking.  I took to Amazon, and found some gems I had to share!

Affordable Makeup Storage Organisers - Aspiring Londoner


29 May 2015

Giveaway | The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Goodies!

I've teamed up with The Body Shop to run a little giveaway for you guys!  I've previously reviewed the TBS Smoky Poppy range and mentioned how much I loved it.  Now you can win some of the goodies from the range!  Please do read the rules below, before entering.
The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Giveaway - Aspiring Londoner
(image is for demonstrative purposes only, these ARE NOT the prize!)

28 May 2015

Beauty Bargains #4

Beauty Bargains

It seems I can't spend a day without coming across some kind of an amazing deal that I just can't refuse!  And there are some bargains to be had.  If you've been holding on to a high-end beauty wishlist, now is the time to spend!


Budget Buy | The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome

I haven't tried a lot of makeup from The Body Shop but have wanted to more and more.  I was really impressed with their Colour Crush Nail Polishes last year.  This year their summer releases include The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome (£8).  I love highlighters as you can see from my post here, so I was happy to test these out for you.
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome Review - Aspiring Londoner

27 May 2015

Disappointing Products #2

Another installation on the disappointing products series.  If you have tried these, do let me know your thoughts on them in the comments below.  It's hard to say that a product is 'bad' as we are all different.  More importantly, our expectations from products are different.  What I look for in a foundation, might not be your cup of tea and vice versa.  
Disappointing Products ft CoverGirl, The Body Shop, Batiste - Aspiring Londoner


26 May 2015

New Release | Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion

So you may or may not have heard that Make Up Forever has hit UK soils.  C'mon now, who're you kidding?!  Of course, you've heard!  I, for one, have been just dying to get my hands on anything I can from them.  I haven't looked at my local Debenhams yet, but I pray to God they have them in there!

Blogging has introduced me to products that I never thought I'd use.  Bronzer being one of them.  I had always been scared of bronzers until I started blogging and started trying out new things.  I'm thankful I did, I can't be without it now.  Imagine my joy, when the Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion (£28) landed at my doorstep!
Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion #20M Sand Review - Aspiring Londoner

25 May 2015

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Collection Summer 2015

Summer is nearly here, and nothing makes me happier than summer!  A. it's my birthday soon, and B. it's holiday time with beautiful sea and beaches!  Honestly, I look forward to summer like no other season.  I'm a summer girl through and through and when I saw Clarins Aquatic Treasures Collection, it just excited me even more!  I wanted to show you my favourite products from the collection.
Clarins Aquatic Treasures Collection 2015 Review - Aspiring Londoner

23 May 2015

Free £10 For Beauty Shopping!

Just a short post today, I've wanted to share this for a while but keep forgetting!  I came across the Zeek App via Fee (Makeup Savvy) and bagged myself a £10 free voucher for Amazon!  
Zeek App Offer - Aspiring Londoner

22 May 2015

Orla Kiely Square Flower Orange & Blue Large Wash Bag Review

Do you find it almost impossible to fit in everything you need for a holiday into a wash bag?  I've had the same wash bag that I bought back in college, and it has seen better days.  Firstly, it's no longer big enough to accommodate my plethora of products and makeup brushes that I take with me.  Secondly, it just has two big compartments, which makes it incredibly difficult to find things.  That's why I was really excited to receive this beautiful Orla Kiely Square Flower Orange & Blue Large Wash Bag (£34).  At first look, I loved the look of it but didn't think it would be big enough for me.
Orla Kiely Square Flower Orange & Blue Large Wash Bag Review - Aspiring Londoner

21 May 2015

Beauty Bargains #3

It's been a while since I used shared some beauty bargains with you.  I've recently come across an amazing offer that I just can't NOT share with you!  This one is truly amazing, I've already placed an order (don't tell my other half!)!



Get The Look | Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Cannes 2015

Something different for you guys today, I recreated Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's first red carpet look from Cannes 2015.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to try it out.  I love experimenting with coloured eye pencils as you'll see in this post, and this just looked really fun!  Hope you guys enjoy it, and let me know if you'd like me to do more of this kind of posts.
Get The Look Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Cannes 2015 Makeup - Aspiring Londoner

20 May 2015

New Release | Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled To Perfection Palette

Contouring is slowly becoming quite the intriguing thing to me.  Rewind a year, where I had almost no interest in this as I didn't think it's something I could do.  Nowadays brands are launching products to try and make contouring as easy as possible for the average woman like me.  I've now accumulated quite the contour product collection and please welcome newest and prettiest Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled To Perfection Palette (£28)!  Why is this contour palette any different to others?  Read on to find out!
Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled To Perfection Palette Review - Aspiring Londoner

19 May 2015

Budget Buy | Makeup Revolution Amazing/Hypocrisy Eyeliner Collection

Makeup Revolution has launched some more new products, and these will blow you away!  Meet the new Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyeliner/Hypocrisy Eyeliner Collection (£1)!  Essentially there are two different ranges as the Hypocrisy Eyeliners can also be used as Lipliners!  I think that's such a fantastic idea, as it opens up the idea of playing with colours.  I always mix up various makeup products to create effects.  I remember mixing a tingle of black eye pencil with my red lipstick to create a deeper red in my teenage years!  So it's great to see that Makeup Revolution are creating products and adapting formulas for multi-use to make it easy for everyone.  I have full swatches of the ranges so read on to see them in action!
Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyeliner Hypocrisy Eyeliner Review - Aspiring Londoner

18 May 2015

EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Liquid Foundation | THE Foundation For Olive Skin Tones

EX1 Cosmetics has been all over the blogosphere recently, and I wanted to know more.  EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Liquid Foundations (£12.50) are specially formulated for olive skin tones - hallelujah!  Finally someone thought of the ladies with olive/yellow undertones!  If you've read my blog long enough you'll know I pretty much always have to buy high end foundations as they're the only ones that do anywhere near my skin shade.  Even then I'm restricted to Bobbi Brown, NARS etc to get a decent match.  So this was music to my ears!
EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Liquid Foundation Review - Aspiring Londoner


17 May 2015

Delilah Cosmetics | An Introduction

Delilah Cosmetics is a British brand, a collaborative creation of three friends who wanted to fill the gap for a boutique British brand in the beauty market.  I was already drawn in by the very chic packaging and the sophisticated look of all the products.  I've tried out a few products from the range, so read on to read what I think!

16 May 2015

Origins Modern Friction Scrub | The Exfoliator You Need

If you're a regular reader of AL, you know I don't like manual scrubs at all.  There is an exception to that rule, the Origins Modern Friction Scrub (£33, 125ml).  Why?  Because it's not like other manual scrubs at all, and the results it gives is not like other face scrubs either!
Origins Modern Friction Scrub Review - Aspiring Londoner


15 May 2015

Drugstore Face Masks For Oily Acne Prone Skin

Who here combats spots, blemishes or acne every other week?  I can't be alone in this problem!  My oily/combination skin means all year round, I have some form of blemish breakout on my skin.  Sometimes skincare products work, then the next time it fails to make any difference at all!  I've tried and tested a lot of drugstore face masks and found some that help to get rid of them quicker.  I won't say the face masks completely make blemishes/acne disappear, but definitely help to reduce their life span.  Some of the face masks help to make them less painful, reduce redness - making the blemishes slightly more bearable.
Drugstore Face Masks For Oily Acne Prone Skin - Aspiring Londoner


14 May 2015

Best Foundations For Oily/Combination Skin

Finding foundation that last on my skin is an almost impossible task.  I've bought many foundations over the years, wasting hundreds of pounds and still didn't get anywhere.  I think finding the right foundation for you is like waiting for the bus; nothing comes for an hour then five comes at the same time?  This was certainly my experience.  Last year, I came across the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation.  Then a few months later, I discovered Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In Place Foundation.  In 2015, NARS launched their newest foundation, NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation.  These three foundations are my absolute favourites for long wearing flawless makeup!
Best Foundations For Oily Combination Skin ft Nars, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder - Aspiring Londoner

13 May 2015

Drugstore Mascaras That Define AND Volumise

I don't know about you, but the struggle for finding a mascara that does exactly what you want is real.  I have 5987564 mascaras in my drawer as evidence of my struggle.  This year, I've found two gems that have been sitting in my stash for months and I just hadn't gotten round to using them.  Imagine my surprise when I found exactly what I was looking for in my own stash!  Meet GOSH Crazy Volume Mascara (£6.99) and Bourjois Volume Glamour Push Up Mascara (£8.99) - the mascaras that give you volume, length and definition.  Yes, bold claims you say?  Let me demonstrate.
Defining Volumising Drugstore Mascara Review ft GOSH, Bourjois - Aspiring Londoner

12 May 2015

How To Use Social Media For Your Blog | Twitter

A few weeks ago, I posted about 3 guaranteed ways to increase your blog pageviews where I mentioned Social Media briefly.  Social Media i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc are a huge subject and however much I tell you, it won't be quite enough.  The beauty of technology and social media is that it's ever changing so there are always new and better ways of doing things.  
How To Use Social Media For Your Blog Twitter - Aspiring Londoner

I  love social media, our generation and the generations after are so lucky to have such a powerful tool and information resource in the palm of our hands!  My favourite social platforms right now are Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  I've been hearing a lot about Periscope the past few days, but haven't looked into that one yet!  So what can social media do for your blog?  Answer in short is, a lot, given that you utilise it well.  


11 May 2015

Colour Eyeliners For Brown Eyes

I love coloured eye pencils, especially in the brighter months.  It makes makeup a little bit more fun and adds colour to your eyes without opting for heavy eyeshadow looks.  Eye pencils are just so easy to apply as well, that you can create great looks with next to no effort!  I love eye pencils for that reason alone, their versatility.  There are a few colours that I've been loving recently and I'm going to tell you more about them.

Colour Eyeliners For Brown Eyes ft Kiko, Loreal, Max Factor - Aspiring Londoner


9 May 2015

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish Review

Barry M are the queen of nail polishes in the drugstore.  Their colour range of polishes are insane!  Honestly, whatever colour you're after, you will find it at Barry M!  Last year I tried out the Barry M Gelly Polish range and fell in love with it.  The formula is perfect and the shiny finish is second to none.  So when they released the latest Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish (£4.99), my nails were ready for these!

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish Review - Aspiring Londoner


8 May 2015

Newcastle Fenwick Beauty Week 11 May - 16 May

Newcastle Fenwick held their very first bloggers event earlier this week and I was one of the lucky attendees.  We got to hear first hand from Fenwick Beauty Buyer about what brand there were, what services were offered and what brands may be making an appearance in the Fenwick Beauty Hall later this year...I'll reveal at the end of the post.  Trust me it'll be worth the wait and you'll love me for it!

Fenwick Beauty Week May 2015 - Aspiring Londoner

7 May 2015

Spring Lipstick Picks

What would Spring be without pretty lipsticks?  For me, the first sign of Spring is when you put away your berry shades and darker lipsticks and bring out the brighter shades!  So what have I been loving on my lips recently?  Well, if I was going to list the lot, I'd be here till the weekend, so I've narrowed down to current five favourite Spring lipsticks.  I've included some drugstore and some higher end ones, so see if you like any of my picks!

Spring Lipstick Picks ft Bourjois, Too Faced, GOSH, Estee Lauder, Max Factor - Aspiring Londoner


6 May 2015

ecoTools Complexion Collection Review

I've never tried anything from ecoTools before, but have always admired the bamboo handled brushes.  I've always wanted to try them out, and was delighted to get my hands on the brand new ecoTools Complexion Collection consisting of four brushes that will hep you create perfectly flawless complexion.  I love the handles of the brushes as they feel really light when you pick them up and the bristles are equally impressive.  They are incredibly soft and feels great on my skin.

ecoTools Complexion Collection Makeup Brush Review - Aspiring Londoner


5 May 2015

Spring Minimal Makeup Essentials

I feel like every year Spring goes way too fast, and I hardly have time to enjoy it.  This year, it seems to be here for longer.  Did that make sense?!  I don’t know, but the gist is for once I feel like I can enjoy Spring without constant rain and cold!  This also means I’ve had the chance to significantly change up my makeup routine and the products that I use.  I’ve already mentioned my favourite Spring/Summer base products here

Spring Makeup Essentials ft Clarins Fix Makeup Mist Estee Lauder Lipstick Kiko BB Cream - Aspiring Londoner


3 May 2015

10 Ways You Know You're A Beauty Blogger

10 Ways You Know You're A Beauty Blogger - Aspiring Londoner

2 May 2015

Indeed Labs Fillume Volumising Serum + Moisturiser Review

Indeed Labs keeps hitting the ball outta the park in the skincare aisle.  Their products work, simple as.  I have been trying out the newest launches Indeed Labs Fillume Volumising Serum (£29.99) and the Indeed Labs Fillume Volumising Moisturiser (£24.99).  I did post a first impression of the Fillume Moisturiser here.  I've now tried it for over 5 weeks, in fact the moituriser has finished, and the serum is nearly there too, so they've both had their chance to do everything they had to offer.

Indeed Labs Fillume Volumising Serum + Moisturiser Review - Aspiring Londoner


1 May 2015

3 High End Concealer Worth The Money

Buying concealers and foundations are one of those tasks I really dislike.  Why you ask?  It's because I almost never find the right shade for me and then despair trying to make it work for me somehow as I've spent so much on it.  Being a olive skin toned gal, I can almost never buy foundations from the drugstore/high street.  So the question is, in my years as a beauty blogger, have I found a something that works for me?  Yes, yes I have.  I will introduce you today to three of my favourite high end concealers from NARS, Smashbox and Urban Decay.

High End Concealers Worth The Money ft NARS, Urban Deacy, Smashbox - Aspiring Londoner

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