3 May 2015

10 Ways You Know You're A Beauty Blogger

10 Ways You Know You're A Beauty Blogger - Aspiring Londoner

  1. You like your money displayed on your Muji lipstick organiser in the form of lipsticks.
  2. You have payday wishlists, birthday wishlists, friday wishlists, hump day wishlists...all consisting of makeup items
  3. You know the meaning of the word 'undertones'
  4. When you go shopping, it basically means swatching lipsticks
  5. You have a dedicated skincare shelf in the bathroom
  6. You have new unopened makeup that you stare at but can't use, cuz ya' know, you haven't taken a photo (or a 100) yet - the light just hasn't been good.
  7. Instead of circling toys you want from the Argos catalogue, you add makeup products to the virtual shopping basket of your favourite shopping site and then X out of the site.  the next evening, repeat.
  8. #bbloggers are pay day inspirations - to add products to your aforementioned wishlists
  9. You own foundations to suit your skin for every season and probably for the rest of your life
  10. You don't appreciate people touching your makeup...ever.

Hope you enjoyed this smaller post, unfortunately this is basically me in ten bullet points!  If you're beauty blogger, add to this list in the comment section below or tweet me me @aspiring_london!

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