30 May 2015

Affordable Acrylic Makeup Organisers

Do you sometimes find lipsticks you've forgotten you had?  This is a problem I've encountered recently, and it made me want to look into the acrylic storage solutions.  We, beauty enthusiasts, have a lot of makeup!  And it's easy to forget what's inside a makeup bag!  I've previously looked into Muji stuff, but they are a little expensive for my liking.  I took to Amazon, and found some gems I had to share!

Affordable Makeup Storage Organisers - Aspiring Londoner

1. Lotus Flower Vase Cotton Bud Holder , £3.99

This I actually saw first on Fee's blog (Makeup Savvy).  She found it on eBay, and I searched on Amazon as I was already placing an order.  It's such a cute yet functional organiser.  I love that it has a cover to keep dust out and holds the cotton buds upright.  I always, always end up dropping the whole cotton bud box on the floor.  This upright little organiser means I don't have such mishaps!

2. Clear Acrylic 24 Lipstick Holder Display Stand, £2.14

This was the devil that started it all!  I needed something where I could keep a selection of lipstick to ensure I was using lipsticks from my collection rather then forgetting I had them!  It took a while to arrive, once I got it, I love it!  It fits 24 lipsticks which is quite a lot and gives me the choices that I want.  For just over £2, you can't fault it at all!

3. Decorative Acrylic Clear Makeup Brush Holder, £2.75

I saw something very similar on Very Exclusive from Anna Sui, and it was around £12!  I wasn't going to part with that kinda cash.  When I saw this it immediately reminded me of the Anna Sui design.  It's cute, has a nice design and so affordable!  Makes a difference from the Ikea plant pots, eh?

4. Cotton Wool Pad Clear Acrylic Organiser, £6.80

This was a random one, as I thought it'd be a nice little dispenser to have in your bathroom.  When you're in the bathroom ready to remove your makeup, rather than faffing about with the plastic packaging of the cotton wool, it'd be nice to have a little dispenser to neatly take your cotton pads from.  This is more of a 'ooh, nice' organiser, rather than 'need it' kinda thing.

5. Clear Acrylic Cotton Pad & Bobbi Pin Organiser, £8.59 

Although this is more expensive than the rest, I love the the idea of having a designated place on my vanity for Bobbi pins!  I'm rubbish at having bobbi pins around.  I can never find them when I need them, just thinking about it is getting me agitated.  It looks like a lovely little holder for essentials!

6. Clear Acrylic Cotton Swab Q-tip Storage Holder, £3.99 

Another cotton bud organiser, can you tell I love winged liners?  Cotton buds are a must have for any girl who loves a winged liner.  This is a nice little dispenser to have on your vanity to make sure your flick is just right!

Are you a fan of acrylic makeup storage?  What do you use to organise your beauty bits?  Share recommendations in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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