11 May 2015

Colour Eyeliners For Brown Eyes

I love coloured eye pencils, especially in the brighter months.  It makes makeup a little bit more fun and adds colour to your eyes without opting for heavy eyeshadow looks.  Eye pencils are just so easy to apply as well, that you can create great looks with next to no effort!  I love eye pencils for that reason alone, their versatility.  There are a few colours that I've been loving recently and I'm going to tell you more about them.

Colour Eyeliners For Brown Eyes ft Kiko, Loreal, Max Factor - Aspiring Londoner

The Kajal Eyeliners are part of the new Limited Edition Collection from Kiko.  The eyeliners are good old school pencil style eyeliners that you need to sharpen.  These are very affordable and comes in six shades.  The shades don't vary a great deal, which is the downside.  however I've been loving the shade Touch Turquoise.  It's a light blue yet vibrant shade that really works well with my dark brown eyes.  I tend to line the outer half of my bottom lash line and lightly smudge and this alone really makes my eyes pop!  I love wearing this when I've got a really minimal makeup face on, and it makes my eyes stand out really well.

The Gelmatic Eyeliner is one of L'Oreal's best products.  The formula is buttery soft and feels silky smooth as you apply it on your eyes.  The colour pay off is excellent as is the staying power.  My favourite shade is Deep Violet as I love purple on my eyes!  It's deep enough to wear everyday but the colour is still there.  I tend to use this as a winged eyeliner, I love the effect it creates without the boldness of a black liner.  It works great on my waterline too.  If you're new to colour eyeliners and want to experiment, this is definitely for you!

Colour Eyeliners For Brown Eyes Swatch ft Kiko, Loreal, Max Factor - Aspiring Londoner

I absolutely love this collection, the colours, the formula of the products are just excellent.  The eyeliners is particular has almost a gel formula and the pencils are retractable which is great if you're in a rush or even on the go.  I love the shade Reflect Burgundy as it adds colour but in a subtle way.  The gel formula allows you to smudge it on your lash line, substituting as an eye shadow alternative.  I love this colour as wearing brown liner against brown eyes can look a little dull.  The burgundy shade adds a little more depth and colour and makes my eyes stand out more than brown liners.

Max Factor Excess Longwear Eyeliners (£6.99)

If you have read my Best Of Max Factor post, you know how much I love these!  I'd say these are probably the closest the drugstore has gotten to the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners!  The retractable pencils are super creamy and applies so easily on the the lashline.  They don't drag your skin at all, and the nib is quite fine so you can get quite a precise line if you want.  I love the shade Teal to line my lash line quite thickly and smudge with a pencil brush.  Love the effect and the colour works really with my dark brown eyes.  You must must try these out!

Do you wear colour eyeliners?  What are your favourite eyeliners?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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