27 May 2015

Disappointing Products #2

Another installation on the disappointing products series.  If you have tried these, do let me know your thoughts on them in the comments below.  It's hard to say that a product is 'bad' as we are all different.  More importantly, our expectations from products are different.  What I look for in a foundation, might not be your cup of tea and vice versa.  
Disappointing Products ft CoverGirl, The Body Shop, Batiste - Aspiring Londoner

The first product I'm going to mention is The Body Shop Skin Primer - Matte It (£12).  It claims to banish shine and help makeup stay in place.  The consistency of the product feels like a gel, but is very silicone heavy.  I could really feel the primer on my skin.  On my skin, it made makeup look worse than it does without a primer.  After about an hour, it felt greasy and it showed too.  My makeup had slid out of face and just looked awful!  Despite this experience, I gave it a couple more times and they were no better.  I don't know if it's my skin or how I had applied it - this primer just isn't for me!

CoverGirl Mascaras are cult favourites, and I was so disheartened after trying the CoverGirl Lashblast Volume Mascara ($7.99).  I was really looking forward to trying it out and thought it'd obviously be amazing as there was such hype around it.  The wand seemed like it'd be great for building volume.  However I feel like it must be the formula that has let it down.  The mascara is just okay and doesn't really give exceptional volume.  It didn't seem to lengthen either.  I've used so many more mascaras that give much much better results.  I'm not going to give up and will try and get my hands on other CoverGirl mascaras.  I might have just got a bad one!
Disappointing Products ft CoverGirl, The Body Shop, Batiste - Aspiring Londoner

This last product was a bit of a shock, as you know I love Batiste.  No other dry shampoo works as well as Batiste for me.  I tried out the Batiste Smoothing Conditioning Mist (£3.99).  It is supposed to condition your hair in between washes combined with Batiste Dry Shampoo.  Firstly, what is the point of using essentially a leave-in conditioner with a dry shampoo?!  Seems a little counter productive to use a conditioning mist if you have greasy hair to begin with?  Anyway, I tried it out still and I have to say it didn't do much for me at all.  It smells really nice and that's about it.  I tried it with and without dry shampoo and either time I failed to see kind of results.  Using it with dry shampoo kind of took away the oomph the dry shampoo gave.  It didn't do much conditioning, except for weighing my hair down.  I swear by Batiste Dry Shampoos, but sadly will be giving these a miss!

Have you had similar experiences with any of the products I've mentioned?  Share recommendations in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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