6 May 2015

ecoTools Complexion Collection Review

I've never tried anything from ecoTools before, but have always admired the bamboo handled brushes.  I've always wanted to try them out, and was delighted to get my hands on the brand new ecoTools Complexion Collection consisting of four brushes that will hep you create perfectly flawless complexion.  I love the handles of the brushes as they feel really light when you pick them up and the bristles are equally impressive.  They are incredibly soft and feels great on my skin.

ecoTools Complexion Collection Makeup Brush Review - Aspiring Londoner

ecoTools Mattifying Finish Brush (£7.99)

The largest brush of the collection has duo fibre bristles to help you create a matte complexion without looking cakey.  This is my favourite of the four, it works really well with both pressed and loose powder.  I've used it with blusher and bronzer too as it picks up a small amount of product and perfectly disperses where needed.  The brush is tapered which makes it great for other uses too.  If you're a little heavy-handed, you'll love this brush as it's almost impossible to overdo it.  The brush is unbelievably soft and feels like gliding silk on your face!  Highly recommend this brush to anyone as it can be multi-tasking too.

ecoTools Skin Perfecting Brush (£6.99)

The skin perfecting brush has straight and very dense bristles which are slightly angled.  This brush was created to be used with BB/CC creams as the denseness ensures you really work the product into your skin.  I find that using this with my Kiko BB cream means that my complexion isn't sitting on my skin.  With the RT buffing brush, I really have to spend a fair amount of time buffing it in.  Whereas this really makes the job much much faster.  A great one if you wear a BB/CC cream on a regular basis.

ecoTools Complexion Collection Makeup Brush Review - Aspiring Londoner

ecoTools Eye Perfecting Brush (£5.99)

The eye perfecting brush is supposedly uniquely cut to mimic the shape of your finger for easy application around the eyes.  I'm not sure that it does feel like my finger, I do find that it can feel a little too dense for my eye area, and I'm not a massive fan of this particular brush.  The straight bristles does feel quite rough around my eye area too.  This is my least favourite from the collection, and I don't tend to use it.

ecoTools Correcting Concealer Brush (£4.99)

The smallest brush in the collection featuring duo-fibre bristles to flawlessly apply concealer.  I really like this brush as the blend of short, wavy bristles and long, straight bristles have a stippling effect and blends concealer really nicely on to scars/blemishes.  Because of it's size, it's dead easy to clean daily so you're not spreading any bacteria from a blemish.  It can almost give an airbrush finish to your concealer application without touching your face!  Another must have for me.

The brushes are currently available from Boots stores nationwide (I couldn't find the links online!).

Will you be trying out the ecoTools Complexion Collection?  Have you tried anything from the ecoTools makeup brush range?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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