23 May 2015

Free £10 For Beauty Shopping!

Just a short post today, I've wanted to share this for a while but keep forgetting!  I came across the Zeek App via Fee (Makeup Savvy) and bagged myself a £10 free voucher for Amazon!  
Zeek App Offer - Aspiring Londoner
Zeek app is basically a market place for buying and selling vouchers.  So if someone has a voucher they won't be using, they can sell it there for a discounted price.  THis gives others the opportunity to buy the vouchers for less, e.g. if you were going to spen £30 on H&M, you might find a £30 voucher at Zeek for £27 - saving you 10%!  You can download the app (available on App Store and Android) and use code '2jns54', you'll receive FREE £10 to spend on any vouchers you'd like to buy!

Happy discount shopping!  Let me know if you do find yourself a bargain!

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Update 4/6/2015:  They've now reduced the offer to £5.  Still a decent deal!

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