12 May 2015

How To Use Social Media For Your Blog | Twitter

A few weeks ago, I posted about 3 guaranteed ways to increase your blog pageviews where I mentioned Social Media briefly.  Social Media i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc are a huge subject and however much I tell you, it won't be quite enough.  The beauty of technology and social media is that it's ever changing so there are always new and better ways of doing things.  
How To Use Social Media For Your Blog Twitter - Aspiring Londoner

I  love social media, our generation and the generations after are so lucky to have such a powerful tool and information resource in the palm of our hands!  My favourite social platforms right now are Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  I've been hearing a lot about Periscope the past few days, but haven't looked into that one yet!  So what can social media do for your blog?  Answer in short is, a lot, given that you utilise it well.  

How Twitter can help your blog

Twitter is by far the biggest platform for your blog.  The main thing I'd advise about your Twitter blog account is that do not use it as a posting links only platform.  I.e. just post links of your blog posts.  This will annoy people and drive them away.  If you're going to take one thing away from this post, make it this one - keep your Twitter account human!  I'm not saying post religious/political/controversial tweets but do interact. 

Hold a conversation with others, be engaging, share what you like/dislike, anything interesting you've been reading that day - all these makes your Twitter account more personal, more you.  It also offers something you're not offering on your blog or other social media channels.

This brings me to my next point, twitter chats!  Be all over them!  I love them!  You get to chat to a lot of bloggers with similar interest and bounce ideas, learn new things, hear about new products - it's so much fun!  #bbloggers on Wednesday/Sunday 8pm and #lbloggers on Wednesday/Sunday 7pm are my regulars.

Share your post links - current and old ones!  No doubt your Twitter following will grow over time, posting older links gives your new followers a chance to read your old posts.  Also, if you've been busy and haven't had time to post something new, older posts gives your readers some other reading material.

Promote other bloggers' posts that you've enjoyed.  This is a great way to interact with the blogging community.  I'm quite bad at commenting on blogs, reason being I tend to read blogs on my phone while I'm waiting for something, or travelling - this makes commenting a little difficult.  So I tend to either tweet the person or share on Twitter.  Don't just retweet, I quote their tweet and add why I liked the post.  This let's the blogger know that you've actually read their posts and encourages others to read it to.  This goes back to engaging with people on Twitter.

Use a scheduling app or programme to tweet your post links through the day.  I love using the Buffer app.  There's also Hootesuite which is better if you're on your laptop and allows you to schedule tweets through the week.  I find Buffer app to be better for me as I'm more of a phone user, so i find it quicker to schedule my posts from my phone.

When posting links on Twitter, try not to post at random times.  Think about when people are most likely to go on Twitter.  When do you go on Twitter?  On your lunch?  After work?  After dinner?  Try and use these times to post your links for better chances of interaction.  As a rule of thumb, on weekdays 1 - 3pm are supposedly optimum times for getting interaction.

Use the right hashtags, but don't overuse them!  Obviously you need to use hashtags to get your tweets seen, but overusing hashtags can seem spammy.  It's more than likely people will ignore your links, whereas adding meaningful text to the link and adding a couple of relevant hashtags is more likely to get interaction.

Be helpful, you started blogging because of your passion for your niche.  So use that to help others, be it for recommendations for an eye cream or the best place to eat in the Lake District.  If you can't help, but know someone who has written about the topic, connect the two.  Re-direct the person seeking help to where they can find the information - this builds on your engagement and who doesn't like being nice?!  It's nice to be nice! :)

Hope this has been helpful for you guys.  I will of course continue to share the other social media platforms over the next few weeks so follow me on Bloglovin to stay updated!

What're your favourite social media platforms?  Which do you find is best for your blog?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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